That's the sound of my exhaustion. I'm so whipped from finishing /photographing /editing /listing these all day I can't think of anything interesting to say...Let Go My Soul. Buddhist Reliquary.
Let Go My Soul.
My sister came to visit this weekend with husband, dog, 5 year old and 2 year old. So that should tell you something about my weekend.

Let Go My Soul. Buddhist Reliquary.
As usual as I list these 1/2 of me thinks they rock and the other 1/2 thinks they suck and no one's gonna buy them. Last few days have been a bit slow in the ol' shop.


Not that it should matter but I feel like any second now my dad's gonna burst into my house and demand I go back to dayjob. Which he can't and that shouldn't even be an issue and we all have slow days and one must sacrifice to do what one loves, and you can't rush it and I know I'm never gonna be rich from this. So why am I letting my Dad's subconscious stress vibes get to me? Hu?

It's like I'm all preemptively anxious and defensive. So dumb. Am I just looking for something to be stressed about?

Also, if I am ever to get somewhat more well-known and therefore, you know, make a potentially more robust living or whatever, I will need to stop and write something or get published somewhere. And that takes an investment of time. It's not instant gratification. So, father in my subconscious, you're going to have to chill and be patient...

Sorrow Bones. Buddhist Reliquary.
Sorrow Bones.
Goddamn you father in my subconscious, you're always ragging on me!

Blood Beggars.
Blood Beggars.
My hands and forearms are flippin' sore as hell from all this work and even from all the convo typing. I'm way too tense. And that's considering I didn't have my afternoon java.

Blood Beggars.
I have never in my life needed to get myself to relax before! I came pre-relaxed. I only ever needed energizing. What do you do? Chamomile tea? Bubble bath? In my disgusting tub?

A Crown of Sorrows. Buddhist Reliquary.
A Crown of Sorrows.
Anywho- check it. Almost all of these have gemstone strands and a cord of wire-wrapped rags. They have little chains draping and tangling about here and there. And they all have some glorious ceramic elements from either Gaea or ChelleV2- a new-to-me gal I'm so glad I invested in. Glorious! Damn I like these art beads! And you just plop 'em in and you got art. I mean, they're beautiful and interesting already, you don't need to, say, oxidize sand, paint, carve them and just one or 2 makes a big impact.

I guess with these the idea is less necklace, more impact. I had this image of minimalist chokers. And then I made them and this all happened. As I dangled and chained and wrapped the minimal escaped me. Doesn't it always? But it's still less necklace in regards to length.

I feel like the photographs were rushed and pretty sucky... I could re-take some tomorrow. Sigh.

OK, I would kill for a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a hot brownie right now.

Musketeer. Figurine Ring.
Oh, check out the ring. I was amazed I could make it work. It looks like a little hand is holding him!

Musketeer. Figurine Ring.
Believe it or not, I have another necklace I didn't even get to. This making stuff in batches just got out of control this time.
And check out the wider blog layout. So's I can put in the bigass pictures without them getting cut off. Can y'all see it OK in your monitors or is it too wide?
Also, hi new people commenting!In the Light of the Moon (Weren't you 'Cat' just a minute ago?)
Jackie (I think you're new)
amth13 (with the mysterious avatar)
Gabri (bienvenida- pense que eras mi prima Gabi en Uruguay!)
La Fileuse (for some reason your name isn't blue...)
And all my regular homegirls- I love you guys! You keep me going. You and the coffee.


Little Brown Sparrow said...

Holy crows and smoke you kill me. Dying a thousand times, the best death ever. How can you think these suck!!?!?! I want to marry that rose one and figure out a way to have it's babies.

Oh and join the club on the parent-in-the-head, my Mum's always hassling me in my mind. Sometimes I wonder what she's gunna say about something and I worry and worry and get mad at her about it and then I tell her and she's all 'okay cool'. And I feel like saying 'well you didn't say that in my head 2 hours agao!!!!!'

Corvid Delights said...

Oh man my eyes are feasting! Each necklace is so incredibly wonderful!!! I love the rags twisted with wire and embellished. That Musketeer ring is soooooo cool!!! You never cease to amaze me. Relaxation tips from me... hot chai tea, feet up and watch some Bourdain.... oh wait I got that from YOU! xoxoxo!

Regina said...

What an awesome batch! Love the ring! That one will be snapped right up.

Lorelei Eurto said...

you make me laugh. damn, i knew you would love those art beads. they are addictive little buggers. this is only the beginning! pretty soon you'll have a whole freakin studio full of em and you won't be able to use them because of how arty they are.
the pics look great. no problems that I can see!

Gabri said...

Muchas gracias por tu bienvenida!!! Pues no, no soy tu prima, pero dada nuestra pasión común (el arte), quién sabe si algún día acabo siendo una amiga en España!! jaja
Enhorabuena, de nuevo, por tus piezas!! Sensacionales!!!

La Fileuse said...

How to relax ? I stop thinking. It's rare, so I'm always in a everyday stress.
Everything becomes something amazing in your hands; you can be proud.
If only I could write more in your langage ! I'm a french girl without a net page. So, my name isn't blue. :)

Gardanne said...

Hey Miss Fancy, last week was slow for me too. I figure everyone is on vacation, and enjoying their summer as they should.
My husband has his own business and is a born entrepreneur, he always says you just have to keep moving forward.
Judging from your productivity you are already doing that.
I enjoy your blog, you make me laugh out loud.

mairedodd said...

first - your work is gorgeous... and anyone who works like this knows that after birthing all of those pieces then having to do the most joyful (sarcasm) work of capturing and editing images, writing meaningful descriptions, listing and blabbing about them is exhausting...
i am newly on my own with 3 kids - hoping against hope that i can somehow 'do this' working at what feeds my spirit... like you, born pre-chilled, our families and parents can shake us... there are constant questions like 'yes, but what are you going to do?' (after i have spent days finishing just one piece... your work has value... and much beauty... i would be honored to wear one...
just keep at what you love...

Subconscious Dad said...

I don't want you to get your day job back. I just want you to vacuum all that dog hair from the couch!!
And, by the way, number of sales per day (or stretches without a sale) are "random variables" with "Poisson distribution". So, if your average number of sales is two per day, the likelihood that you will have a 2-day no-sales stretch is ~20%. In other words, having one or two of those is nothing to worry about.

stregata said...

So much gorgeous work! Have you tried telling your father in your subconscious to 'shut up'? I have tied up my inner critic, gagged him and shoved him in the closet - I can still hear him, but it isn't quite as loud...

Louise said...

Fantastic-abulous collection. Oh my goodness. Just adore those soft shades of pink, within all that dark olde treasure. Wonderful!!

Heather said...

Glad I'm not the only one who has mixed feelings about my work. I think every last one of yours if beautiful, btw.