Hello ladies of adornment obsessions.Tumbling After.
Tumbling After.
I think I fixed the pictures in the previous post. Tell me if you can see them.

Tumbling After.
A crazy rainstorm just burst upon Chicago, with lightning strong enough to make all the car alarms go off. It'll hopefully take care of this nasty humidity that suddenly blanketed the city.

Mistress of Tides.
Mistress of Tides.
My mother just returned after a long stay in California where she came upon and adopted 2 sweet kitty cats. We've never had cats before. But now when we go over to Mom and Dad's-- what will Bingo do? He is very possessive of his territory. His universe is about to be turned upside down!

Mistress of Tides.
I went out and got all the accouterments: the litter box, the litter, the litter box liners, food, toys, bed, scratching post- phew! And since I've never had cats I was all upset-and-confused shopping. Where you're looking at all the brands and different styles of everything totally clueless as to what to get. I mean, is multi-cat litter formula really any different than regular formula?

Our Lady of Unbearable Seeing. Handmade Milagro Cuff.
Our Lady of Unbearable Seeing.
Tonight, even though they were hiding beneath the beds, I managed to give one a little scratch under the ear and next thing you know she was rolling all over me purring her fuzzy heart out.

Our Lady of Unbearable Seeing. Handmade Milagro Cuff.
I'm so happy Mom has that to keep her busy after her recent retirement.
The Interplanetary Horror Vacui.

The Interplanetary Horror Vacui.
Too much time on her hands leads to coming over cuz she's bored which in turn leads to her noticing the tumbleweeds of dog hair around this place, and nothing good can come of that.

The Interplanetary Horror Vacui.
Check out the glowing cab by Polymerpretties. I actually grunged it a bit and bordered it with black paint to tone it down some. The thing is so luminous, I think my face got sunburnt from looking at it too long.

From Sorrow to Sorrow.
From Sorrow to Sorrow.
In this batch I'm recycling some item names, from a little while back when I had a bit more inspiration.
Threshold of the Infinite.Threshold of the Infinite.
This one is totally cosmic to me. Can you see my glittery dangle from yesterday? Or was it the day before? What year is this? Where am I?

Threshold of the Infinite.

Are these as good as my last batch with the buddhist reliquaries? I never know. If they sell I'll be all "Of course they're gorgeous! I know what I'm doing- I'm awesome." And if they don't I'll be all, "What was I thinking? These are hideous."
Before We Are Clay.
Before We Are Clay.
Does anyone know what the green stone is here? there's one dangling from the focal and another at the end of the 'chain'. It's quite pretty, though these pictures don't do them justice.

Before We Are Clay.
Here you can see a mini milagro I made. I struggled a bit trying to paint it til I realized the best paint brush was the end of some thin waxed polyester cording I have. Then I oxidized over the paint which took a lot of it off. To nice effect, I think. Oh crap, I just remembered I haven't waxed it yet. For protection. I get so eager to show them off I don't even finish them before I'm taking pictures.
Before We Are Clay.
Also, as I was working on this the sunlight hit the tourmaline just so and I realized that every one of these stones have translucent sections that glow in the light. It's gorgeous.
Notice the wider blog? It's so I can use the extra large  size images without them getting cut off. Still getting a hang of it.


NuminosityBeads said...

I'm endlessly flabbergasted by your genius assembling of components, not to mention your exquisite taste in procuring them as well, inspiring as always! Thanks for your wonderful sharings.
xoxo Kim

In the Light of the Moon said...

Im new to your blog and just cant keep up...send over some of that creative mojo will ya!!Hugs,Cat

Jackie said...

Yesterday's photos are showing loud and proud! Congrats for the recognition. As for today...OMG I'm going out to get a lottery ticket, if I win... today's beauties are all mine!!! Awesome pieces, I love them all. You go girl!!
...Jackie xo

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Of course they're as good! These all have the candy springtime colours I've been attracted to lately, you know those colors that you see in English magazines or on sugared almonds. But in your own 'stuck up a chimney for 100 years' style.

Linda said...

flabbergasted. love that word. so appropriate for your work, although i would say freakin flabbergasted. and freakin adornment obsessed, too.

thanks for gettin those pictures fixed. i thought i was gonna have to get you to fix my computer yesterday. i was excited to read that someone else displays your jewelry! your pieces are too--it doesn't seem the right word, but--beautiful to leave in a drawer or box or wherever normal people keep theirs. your creations are treasures that i use by themselves or with other goodies i've collected to display around the house when i'm not wearing them. it does make getting adorned a bit more of a challenge though.

and as usual, i want all of these.

amth13 said...

Loving from sorrow to sorrow, I have an unhealthy thing for buttons.

stregata said...

Awwww - kittens....
Your pieces are exquisite, always.

~Debi said...

Loving the new pieces :) Congrats on the being "published!" Very cool to be mentioned like that :)

Gabri said...

Hola!! Siento no poder escribir en inglés, aunque más o menos lo entiendo, pero no puedo resistirme más tiempo a decirte que tanto tus creaciones, como su presentación, como tus comentarios, me parecen extraordinarios.
Un saludo cordial desde Madrid (España)