Buying Frenzy + Experiments

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The last thing I need is all this new stuff. Yet, when I'm tired from a long day of making, there's nothing I want more than to poke around etsy and buy pretties.

Pink Peruvian Opal 9 Stick Beads

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I'm proly gonna go into a tailspin of supply panic again.

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So anyways,  today I was experimenting. I took eye pins, cheap beads, and eyeshadow that I haven't worn since the Carter administration.
 I pulled out my trusty heat gun- the kind from the hardware store not the wimpy craft store kind, and some UTEE.
And made these:
One note of warning, if you wanna try, I recommend stone of some kind. These above burned some. And here's what happened when I tried wood:

Basically, they have to handle a lot of heat and displace it evenly. I had to heat and re-heat them to get the surfaces smooth so that there wouldn't be some random glob, or at least so that the glob pointed directly downward... upward? Oh and I kept dipping them into the pink glitter over and over again, after which I had to then reheat to get it into the UTEE. I tried with some little round jaspers I'm not crazy about and they worked awesome. I'm thinking this might be a good use for all those stone chip strands folks always have lying around without any use for. Of course, then you wouldn't get the perfect rounds, but. Don't know 'til you try. 

You might end up with something really neat!


Regina said...

Great buys, and thanks for the links too.

Little Brown Sparrow said...


I love how you look outside the usual supplies and get Frankenstein with things. And I see you're just as mental for the pale pretties as I am right now! I figured it was just the return of spring gettin' me all fired up, what's your excuse? Heat exhaustion?

stregata said...

Well, a girl has to have some fun after a long day of work...
Your out-of-the-box attitude continues to delight me (although that pink eyeshadow scares me to death...)!

La Fileuse said...

Buying pretties after a busy day... I know what you mean. Well, we all know. ^^
And these pink (pink ?!) drops ! Nice experiment !

Christine Wallace said...

Great idea!!! Love your experimental energy and I love what come out of this experiment.