This 'n' That

OK, these are up:

A Party of Owls. RESERVED for owlparty.


Here's some WIP. Disclaimer- my floor is so orangey in photos that I'm always trying to fix it and the color ends up all weird. Anyways, I'm still mulling these over.
But it seems like there's so many supplies just screaming to be used!"Give birth to me Mommy!" They yell. In my head. (Creee-py!)

Which will be first to exist? I wonder as I lay out a buncha different things, re-arrange a hundred elements.

 And then I pulled this out and peed myself:
An actual quote of mine from this post.

So now there's pee all over my floor and I blame you SacredCake- if that even is your real name!


Little Brown Sparrow said...

HAHAHA! make realistic plans! Man I've been wanting to make a cushion or some shit with that on it for ages, I think it's gold.

This is gunna sound weird, but I kind of envy that you work on the floor. I've done it like that before and it's a good method for me, to be able to sit surrounded by things. I need a desk right now though- really it's just floor on legs, because underneath there's mountains of crap that I don't have anywhere else for should the table be removed.

Jennifer Valentine said...

omg....I KNEW you would laugh! I laughed ever time I looked at it!
What a fantastic quote...what if, in like, 80 years, there your quote is in some huge quote anthology?!

Linda said...

Whaahaaa, it's perfect, Jen!! The framed quote, I mean. And kudos for getting one over on Fanci! She's too cool for school.
ps--I want a pillow. Anyone?