Big-ass mamba-jamba earrings. The faceted ceramics are from 2 different makers!  The big one's from Spirited Earth, the slightly smaller's from Gaea.

A simple (for me) little choker with the roughest rawest watermelon tourmaline evaaa. And a tiny saint in a tiny case that used to carry watch parts. I mean, tiny watch parts. 
Another simple (I should just stop using that term, hu?) little choker. The focal is a little silver bucket hanging by some elaborately hammered thick brass wire over which floats a silhouette cameo thang on knotted waxed hemp cord. I say elaborately hammered because it took forever to get into the right shape and size and the pieces are still not quite symmetrical, which this piece calls for. Also, the hoops are hammered perpendicularly from the curve swoop part. The clasp is sterling and it hooks into a flattened sterling ring! Ring, pot, cameo from Uruguay, everything else from etsy.
 That's it for now!


Corvid Delights said...

Big ass mamba jamba earrings rock!!! Always astounded by how inventive your combinations are for these chokers. Stone and fiber, texture and color in such synchronicity.... great job lady. That bucket is so sweet!!!!

Jackie said...

What can I say, again you thrill and amaze me with your talent. I love the big ass mamba jamba earrings and the tiny saint in the tiny case that carried tiny watch parts is so awesome. I had one of those tiny watch part tin at one time, lost in my messy studio for now. I hope I find it soon, it's so sweet.
...Jackie xo

Little Brown Sparrow said...

'scuse me while I have a coronary over those first earrings!! The white! The rust! those amazing 'closed flowers' focals!!!!!!

missficklemedia.com said...

They are divine.