I've been in Wisconsin with my mom, older sister, her hubs and 2 little ones. Sort of re-affirming my desire never to leave my studio again.
I wanted to let you know about 2 crazy awesome good art blogs I've discovered through the dear ada tumblr.
The first is Brown Paper Bag and here are some brief faves since it's infinite and I don't want to go nuts trying to choose the best.

Piezoelectric Mountain
Many Ways to See the Wizard


I got all these from just the first couple pages.
The next blog is an ambitious project collapsing. It has more of a tumblr feel, but whatever, it's amazing. I got this image there, which I've been obsessed over:
But my favorite thing about it is all the  images which remind me of these old craft books I had when I was little:

There's really all kinds of things, including a fixation with old backpacks, vintage pictures of antique worker's clothing, hippies working on creative construction projects with old-timer types and hand-made furniture.

I'll be back tomorrow or Wednesday with more goodies.

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stregata said...

These are gorgeous - thanks for sharing! Am off to see more...