In the works

I've been wanting to try some beach stones for a while. I need to do something to balance the silver foil piece with the other colors- maybe a thin wash of pale gray acrylic paint?The Mary and crazy bone buttons are from Uruguay and readbetween sent me that huge tooth. The ceramic beads are from gaia.

I got a neat belt from an etsy clothes shop to make into cuffs. I created the flat crimp end from a chunk of tobacco tin and I think I might add that cavalier musketeer and the gaia bead. I don't think it needs a lot since the leather weave is so intense- just a couple really dramatic things.

This is going to be a bracelet. The wire is going to be a series of scallops that reduce in number til I can connect it to something else in a balanced way. I think that something else will be a bird SacredCake gave me.

Oh here's the cuff from the tea tin.

And a bracelet with long dangles. In this picture you can see some cute shoe buttons.
In this one you can see the blue stone. Or blue goldstone I guess it's called. But interestingly, the bracelet itself used to look like this:
Celtic Leather Bracelet
And measured a redonk 9 inches. The shop landandseatreasure treasure had 2 for sale for $3 and $4 which was not possible to pass up.

Well you can see I grunged it up and in this one I added pale, double-sided danglings with a hammered sterling hook.
More updates as developments unfold.


Pretty Things said...

I love coming here -- everything is so unique and inspiring. My work is absolutely nothing like yours yet I'm drawn completely to all you do. My mind is just SO not wired like yours is -- disappointedly so. But I digress!

Keep doing the beautiful things you do!

Jackie said...

I'm glad I visited today, you are on an awesome roll!! You are so talented. I love every piece, like Pretty said above, your work is so inspiring.

...Jackie xo

Christine Wallace said...

I am such a fan!!! I love everything you do and love the way you "push the envelope". Keep on inspiring us!!!! Also, love your imaginary followers and wanted to let you know, your blog is soooo BEAUTIFUL!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Man I know you prolly just snapped it and moved on, but that pic where you're holding the cuff and all the bits are dangling down all crusty and coal black and gunky n toothy shaped...I about peed my pants.

I have to go make something.

Gardanne said...

I'm with Pretty Things, I have no idea why I am so drawn to your pieces. There is a lot of jewelry out there that is made of repurposed jewelry, but yours still stands alone and is so unique.
I guess I am intrigued by your design process, I am not sure if this is something you can learn or you are just born with this talent.
If you ever figure it out and teach a class I will be first in line.

Jackie said...

I will be the second in line!!

...Jackie xo

Marin said...

Sooo purdy! I just don't get it. How do you work so quickly?! You and Sparrow and Salvage-- you ladies are always crankin it out! What is your secret? I can work on a piece for days and days...