Hello my beaches!
There is an extremely important futbol game on between Uruguay and ... Peru? And from downstairs I can hear my husband and dad yelling or grunting at near misses.The Years.
The Years.
At which my dog runs down and starts barking at them. He also doesn't permit any Wii playing in his house. So much for animals being wise and aware of stuff.

The Years.
My hubs said these earrings were very colorful for me. He said they didn't look like something I'd make! Ha!

Greifs. Buddhist Reliquary.
Greifs. Buddhist Reliquary...
I think lots of things I make don't look like things I'd make. And the whole 'branding' thing? I dunno. It shouldn't hobble us, should it?

Greifs. Buddhist Reliquary.
It is so nasty hot out today. And tomorrow is supposed to feel like 110 degrees. I don't know what they mean by 'feel like' but I'm never leaving the house again.

Oracle. Buddhist Reliquary.
Oracle. Buddhist Reliquary...
I want to do some soldering but that involves opening a window and that's not happening.

Oracle. Buddhist Reliquary.
I cooked today. Coconut curry, my favorite. Veggies and rice with coconut curry. Not a meat person.

Never Forget. Buddhist Reliquary.
Never Forget.
I felt like turning on the burner was a crime against our AC.

Never Forget. Buddhist Reliquary.
Notice how totally lazy my item names have become? I am without literary inspiration. If any of you have any ideas, I'd be very grateful.


Jennifer Valentine Morford said...

Your names are always great! I would gave named "the Years", "the Lolipop Escapades" or something completely dorky like that...your names are fine and always creative...unlike mine.
Wanna trade brains?

Marin said...

Okay, seriously now, HOW on Earth do you get so much done?! Do you ever sleep? I can't keep up. Teach me...

stregata said...

The buddhist reliquaries are just killing me - sooooo gorgeous!
Want to trade weather? - we are having a high (laugh - or rather cry) of 14°C today...
And I think your dog is very wise and aware - I mean, grown men yelling at the television - just because they all do it, does that make it smart?

Jenna said...

When I feel really stuck for names, I think of a character who would wear my jewelry, then think of a name for a story. It doesn't always work, but sometimes it will jostle the inspiration machinery inside my head into action. Sometimes I'll just name the piece after a feeling or setting it invokes in me. If I'm really stuck I'll start reading myths or fairy stories to see if it helps me to find a good name, or I'll look up latin terms for the materials I've used. . .but I always love the names you come up with.

Penelope said...

i can recommend Angela Carter's work for evocative imagery, I read one in Uni (they were depressing so I stopped but I know you don't mind that sort of thing). Also I've never enough good things to say about Dickens, especially if you watch the TV adaptations instead of reading the books. I recommend the recent Little Dorrit production (cause again, you can deal with depressing stuff) and the 2007 tv series of Oliver Twist.

And yeah branding is a terrible corset to be laced up in, that's why you're so fantastic, because you have a style that comes through whatever you make. Those earrings are totally something you'd do!

Spirited Earth said...

branding is boring.there is a rhythm to your work that is recoginzable..
those so called colorful earrings are stunning..unpredictable
but my love are your aged white pieces..that last one is too wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I'm with little brown sparrow, Angela Carter is so evocative. Also John Donne's poems - he was writing about women having the right to enjoy sex back in the 16th century and he later became a leading light in the catholic church...interesting guy, amazing poetry

Tina said...

I must wholeheartedly second watching the recent Little Dorrit.

Jennifer Valentine Morford said...

uuuummmmm hey. I am a blog reader and I buy your stuff...and I am currently completely smitten with "Never Forget" and well,every. single. bracelet, earring, ring and necklace you have made. Who knew you'd make such a kick ass gorgeous bracelet out of that huge wing?! only you my dear....only you.