Oh My Literal Fucking God! Look what came in the mail from SpiritedEarth yesterday:
Look at the leeetle discs! Eeep! Oh and notice no shiny? I didn't do that! Not even in Photoshop- THEY CAME THAT WAY! Look at the leeetle birdy! Squeeee!

Here's another picture just cuz. So guess how much I paid for them? NOTHING! Cuz I didn't even order them or know they were coming cuz they weren't even in the shop! She just knew I've been scouring the etsywebs for pale, non-shiny, organic beads that are the perfect balance of interesting and simple! Because apparently, SpiritedEarth is psychic. Or telepathic? Clairvoyant? Socioeconomic? 
Man! They're all of them unshiny!!!! I really like Gaea's stuff and I look everyday for a bead bundle thats pale, doesn't include a pendant and isn't shiny and, but, so, no, there never is (though you can totally convo and request what you want. But I hadn't. Because I shouldn't be buying more stuff. But just in case I was still checking each and everyday). And then these appeared! At my door! As if by magic! Or telekinesis. Or socioeconomic psychosis! It is socioeconomic, though. Socio because I've chatted with her socially via convos, and economic because you can't get more economic than free, bay-beee!

That's totally not the meaning of socioeconomic, of course. I'll stop now.


Jennifer Valentine said...

I love her work too....have lots of pieces of hers...but I can't bear to part with them. I covet them. I take them out and play with them and then put them back....I'm a spirited earth bead HOARDER. There. I said it.

mairedodd said...

nan emmett is one special lady - enjoy those beads (she sent some real beauties) - they will be wonderful in your designs!

Spirited Earth said...

when i comment, "i'm psychic", my bestest friend responds,psychotic maybe..hmmm?
really..i just look..
at everything..all the time..
i'll be darned if you're sanding off my pieces girl ;-)
so whipped up some mattes especially for you..thanks for your very kind words..all ya'll

Gardanne said...

You deserve freebies Miss Fanciful.
I have been inspired at the torch mostly by objects found in nature. But you are the first human that inspires me at the torch, I find myself saying "oh miss fanciful would like that" or "miss fanciful would really hate that."
So thank you for pushing me in an "unshiny, looks like it was pulled out of the earth" direction.
Who knows what will appear, mwahahahahaha.
I'm so lame I just had to ask my teen daughter and her friend how to spell an evil laugh. What do you expect I'm going to be 54 tomorrow, boohoo ( I know how to spell that one).

In the Light of the Moon said...

How cool is That!!!

Pretty Things said...

She's awesome like that!