"Helloooo Ladies."

Mr. Suave charms the women folk with his electric sitar (?) grooves.
I was up making til 4 in the morning last night.

Have I mentioned I worked til 4am last night? Got to bed after 6 am.... omg/wtf/bbq/ponies. Or whatever the kids are calling it nowadays.
My point being why can't I have a normal sleep cycle? I guess it would be too much to ask with all the art magic I get to play with everyday.

Here's what I think happens as I splay out more and more of my supplies and junk. My mind is just whirling away at all the different combinations and permutations of all the elements. I think that's where I'm good- imagining a million different ways to combine/order/arrange stuff. Because eventually one or two ways will be awesome. Most wont, of course.
So, I keep thinking, "Ok X and Y will go together." But then find myself not following through with X and Y- eventually I figure out it's because it wasn't that good of a design. Like I'm only excited about making the good ideas. I gotta learn to recognize that hint my own actions are giving me just a leettle faster.

Anywhosits, now I'm burnt out and tired so I'll list later. Just wanted to share previews.

There's this one that I'm only giving a sneak peek:
Because I'm not sure its done. And this one that after a whole mess of making I decided all I like about them is the very top bits, and the fact of their pairing:
So those will be coming up.
What else? I dunno. I need a nap.


fancylinda said...

The electric sitar man's link did not take me to him. Is it a video? I want to see! Enjoy your nap. I love the new bracelet with the little red leather belt on it.

fanciful devices said...

no- the link takes you to the blog where I found him. Unfortunately now I can't find the actual blog *entry,* so I lazied. Isn't he glorious, though?

Marin said...

I must have that bracelet! And I *always* miss it when the lovelies go to the shop and then (for me) they die...in a way. I will convo you! wtf!omg!xyz-pdq-bid!asap! stat!

Jackie said...

Have a wonderful nap, you deserve it after creating this yummy batch! I love them all.
Sweet dreams,

stregata said...

So much awesomeness. The bracelet with the red is ingenious.

amth13 said...

I'm loving the last pair of earrings, intriguing and the white necklace. I think subconsciously , cos the last 3 things I've made are white, that our souls are telling us winter's around the corner

steufel said...

Stunning - as always!

Michelle York said...

Were I to have your talent, I wouldn't want to sleep either..rest, maybe. Sleep is the enemy of Artist.
More please!

La Fileuse said...

I hate bracelets. I hate wearing them... BUT I'm fond of this blue beads/spoon mix ! It seems so comfortable !
I sleep during long hours, hear what my dreams whisper, and wake up with lots of new ideas. Take gooooood care of you. \o/

Little Brown Sparrow said...

I think the thing is, the hours of night especially past midnight, are kind of magic- and while other people are dreaming, we're using our dreaming energy to make things. If I sleep between 2am and 5am (rare)then I have the most out-there ridiculous dreams, because my brain has to use up all that creativity on something.

Currently I'm sleeping from 5am to 2pm. It's annoying, but that's being artistic for you. We have burdens.