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I meant to be listing and blogging, but I've become distracted. I can't stop playing with clay.

From the description: "This little 14 carat rose gold bird in elaborate frame used to live on an ornate antique necklace focal but was coming off. I removed it, slightly curved it, then soldered it on to this section of brass sheet for a fascinating bracelet connector."

The chain, also from inheritance haul, is fine silver stamped 925... I think? and also "Peru". Faaan-cy!
Being and Non-Being
The polymers here are from my colab with shipwreckdandy and the bezels I've pinched together on top so they'd fit the opal hearts. I almost never use the right size bezels.

"Earth, mountains, rivers, hidden in this nothingness.
In this nothingness, earth, mountains, rivers revealed.
Spring flowers, winter snows.
There's no being or non-being, nor denial itself."

-Saisho Hiroshi

These little zen poems really speak to me. I'm a nihilist, but like in a nice way.
Uruguayan leather button toggles into architectural dig buckle. That sterling connector is from my inheritance haul that I already mentioned in that post. The jet cameo is teapotsandtelephones haul and the beads are handmade ceramic and Indonesian.

OK, I'll try not to forget my online presence again. Well, I haven't totally forgotten Instagram. For example:

Some connectors with decals and crackle.

"Some beads that came out way too black and some cords I'm trying out made from lovely variegated yarn. I love yarns but it tends to turn out too fluffy for jewelry. Well, turns out you can tighten them up by wetting them then running them over an open flame! These were all fuzzy and poofy a minute ago. Clever me! Mr. Devices, however, is not loving the smell permeating the entire house." Mr D was pissed.

I'm drowning in beads y'all.

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