You guys I feel like I just emerged from a month-long bout of PMS. I can't stop making and I'm doing awesome at the gym, dancing like a maniac. Sheesh I finally feel good!

Look at that cool-ass Uruguayan coin I soldered! And the Gobi Desert Agates and the baltic amber and the gleaming cab TeapotsandTelephones gave me and the chain I soldered and and and...

I hung the big agate on a knotted cord instead of a pin for a change... OOOOhhh so pretty.

Secreted Away.
And here's a keyhole I've been meaning to braceletify forever and finally this chain and ostrich leather from teapots made it all happen.

And guess where it's from yeah that's right Uruguay.


Speaking of which, so is this amazeballz cast bronze house number which I set this bomb-ass druzy into. Which btw, I rimmed in gold leaf cuz I does it like that.

And I used more wire wrapping than I ever have in any necklace before- just cuz. It gave the beads a lot of breathing room so I didn't need to add any chain or cording... Gotta do something new every time to keep myself entertained.Nightscape.
PUUUUURPLE- from pinkish lilac to indigo. I always do this shades of a color thing. I wonder if it has to do with the way I see color.

This sweet cab is from inheritance haul. Crackle beads mine. Oh, and that is a little belly button ring with an amethyst glass gem set in it- used here as part of the clasp! Squee. Of course the twist balls are permanently adhered in place. But I love little clever bits like that.

Aaaannyways. The reason I wanted to do all four remaining items in this batch all at once is cuz I wanna share my next project I've been spazing over since I started feeling better. POLYBABIES!
*Manic squee-ing ensues*
Howzabout some previews?

Crackle porn. LOOOOOOK.
I made mokume game out of translucent layers coated in alcohol inks and sprinkled with chalk pastel shavings, I put that on a layer of white then a layer of translucent, I slightly cured with heat gun then ran through pasta maker to crackle, I layered it over scrap clay bases...

Sides that came out boring, I cut into with my tissue blade to show off the layers- eeehh?

Cubes. Below, these crappy ones I painted black to see if that improved them, and it did-

The wacky blue ones in the middle I'll be re-painting in black.
Crazy colorful, I know. But I'm also going to put some subtler things for sale-
Some sets with a variety of shapes and colors, but a unifying dark grungy thing
Some more regular, like this set of five wheels.

I think these coins would make cool earrings on long modern ear wires that went right through them.

These big ol' door knockers aren't exactly subtle but I loved how they looked in these caps teapots gave me.

I'm also going to be listing these connectors I made in little brass cups with nail decals and crackle and all kindsa stuff.

Here's some of the vintage decals teapots sent.

Someone asked how I made them soooo...  I start by filling the bottom of the bases with scrap clay. Then I fill th rest with sheets I've made into clear and white striations, cook, apply decals with a layer of clear medium, dry overnight, apply crackle medium, dry overnight, then darkish paint then matte medium... Phew! Oh then tint the edges with alcohol ink. Oh but then I have to re-drill the holes which by now are full of mediums and paint, and stain the inside of the holes with more alcohol ink or else they'd be stark white.
Some like these on the left, I tinted the edges with chalk pastels before baking.I have a lot more to photograph, but it's 3 am and my manic ass should be sleeping.

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I don't have a theme for this post's gifs- I'm too focused on bead making to organize one.
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Anonymous said...

I love clever bits like the belly-button-ring-as-clasp-too. Really great! Also love your polybabies (well, and everything else.)

Anonymous said...

Wow - your polies rock! They are so good!
I want a bear-playground too.... :-)

Louise said...

Beautiful pieces as always, so much light and beauty. Now, please can I have some of your gusto pill too? I totally get it, the month long pms. Cure me tooooo! Is there a big purple pill somewhere? :)

Fade and Remain said...

Those beads are everything. Forever and ever amen. Make a tutorial please and thank you.

Feeriee13 said...

Your polies look fantastic!! Love the connectors with nail decals, pure awesomeness!!

CraftyHope said...

So glad to hear you are feeling crazy-good because you are knocking out some crazy-good creations. That keyhole bracelet. . .oh lawdy it's awesome!!
And your poly babies and connectors; I can tell how much time and love you put into them even without your description of all the blood, sweat, and care you put into them. But, I am glad you reveal your techniques. Not because I want to try it, but because it reminds me to go out on a limb and try even the craziest of ideas because they might actually turn out crazy-good too.