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Bone Counting Stick
Since my giveaway is ending, I'll let you know of another: lizmathews.blogspot.com- but don't go! I don't want any more competition. Speaking of, she has this shop selling these Bone Counting Sticks which are making me pant. But damn, I don't need 150 of them! for $75... I need, like, 10 of them for... um 150 divided by... yo mama.... 

Anyways, here's a new thing:

It's like half a cuff with a closure. Is that photo too dark?  Dang, I just realized I forgot to take a picture of the thing closed...

What else? Oh, I tried to make another no-focal necklace since I've already had queries about it. Instead of being a necklace w/no focal, though, it seems to have become one with, like, 50 small focals. I'm a maximalist, you see.

BTW, I wanna share a tip-"The Lava Bar is the original heavy-duty hand cleaner. Since 1893, do-it-yourselfers, coal miners, and oil rig workers have depended on the power of pumice in Lava to cut through even the toughest grease and grime.
Lava's name was derived from one of its key ingredients-pumice. A by-product of volcanic activity, pumice is used in combination with other cleaning and moisturizing agents to clean and soften even the dirtiest of hands."
My hubs just got me some. His dad's a roofer so he knew about it. Alls I can say is wowza. If you live your life with oxidation-crap-covered hands, you need this. Also, lately I've been painting- and who has the patience for brushes? Though it also works on brushes!
No, not painting paintings, just painting beads. Thus, paint all over the hands. Thus the Lava soap.
 I do recommend painting if you need elements of a certain color. I painted 2 of these chains:

Well, they're behind the neck... But as you can see, this is a lariat. 

And here's a cuff. A full cuff.
So, as for the winner of the final giveaway. I liked Brittany's comment the most because they are the kinds of things I could actually put on a listing. However, I have to reward Chelsea for A- commenting on almost every post, B- giving me the craftopolis 'edit express' tip that's already making my life easier, and, C- The eagerness with which she answered the query with such impossible-to-work-into-one-of-my-listings as the fact that cats are allergic to lilies, or that cow hearts make extra noises. Those datum are interesting... If I ever make a cow-heart-themed or cat-allergy-themed piece, I'll totally go with that. OK, that sentence took a sarcastic turn. It really was interesting. So etsyconvo me so's you can gimme your address.

Brittany- etsyconvo me so I can give you a coupon. Cuz I'm gonna steal the crap out of your ideas. "Pillars of Star Creation" totally sounds like the name of a piece I'd make. Piece o' what? Piece o' yo mama. (I wanna see if I can work at least 2 'yo mama's into each blog post. We all need goals.)
I haven't listed any of these yet. I'm way too lazy right now. I think da pims is coming back. Again.
Are these pictures too dark? When I do layers everything turns out so dark.
The eye connectors and hoops here are, of course, the incomparable stillpointworks.


~Debi said...

Love that lariat! So about the Bone Counting Sticks...I'd love to have some! Maybe we can get a group up to divide them (and the cost).

Also, hubby and I like reading random facts. I bought him a few of the "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader" books. You might check those out next time you are at B&N (or off amazon). They are full of really cool things you might could use in your descriptions.

Brittany said...

Yay! Glad to be useful! Etsy convo'ed you :).

Janet said...

You are so right!! I got three of those counting sticks a couple of years ago and have been hoarding them ever since, waiting for the perfect application. Hope you can get some of those. Great new stuff btw. Love love love the earrings with the curly q pearl dangles. To die for!

Chelsea said...

But Debi, that's what I'm for!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Painting stuff is so great, you get a unique piece with a great grungy finish. I discovered that if you oxidise something, then paint over it with acrylic paint later, the paint don't like it, and goes all thick and unctuous. Then it dries. Excellent for getting into the cracks of wire wrapped stuff and looking like 100 years of dirt!

happyfallout said...

I'm an astrophysicist lurker, and I've got to correct Brittany's comment on star formation:
Pillars of Creation is not a common name but a single famous patch in the Eagle Constellation, where star formation is taking place and which was photographed by Hubble Space Telescope:

Star formation occurs in dense, cold molecular clouds, sometimes called stellar nurseries. It, however, sometimes creates structures called Bok globules: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bok_globule

Emakesart said...

Our darn internet has been pretty testy lately so I missed out on the Philo-Sophia bracelet stack...sigh... gorgeous! I also wanted to let you know, I showed my fancy Fanci necklace in a recent post, but am just barely able to let you know today because of my lame internet that JUST decided to work again. It's here if you want to see it...


I'm also loving those cuffs!! And congrats to all the recent winners!

Kathy Barrick said...

Knowing Liz Mathews the way I do, I bet she'd be willing to break up her collection of counting sticks for you. Email her! She's a wonderfully generous, smart, accommodating woman who loves to make people happy. She's also my daughter!!

Liz said...

Thank you so much for posting about my give away!! Mom turned me onto your jewelry a while ago, and I've been a big fan since! So lovely!