YOU GUYS! THEY HAD PERMISSION TO USE MY STUFF IN THE BOOK! I just didn't know they had chosen to. Now, everyone put down your weapons.

I was going to name this post 'Questions Answered' but other matters took precedent.

The Esthetic Event. Sacred Heart and Sword Assemblage Earrings
New in shop- I forgot to post these yesterday.
Actually, I seriously fucked up the photos. Oh well.
Abeille à miel- I'm constantly on the lookout. The whole reason I went to Uruguay the last time was to get treasures.

richelle- I took them special to enter in the book- they had to be way bigger than shop photos.

Lela- Publishers are a lot more messy than people think. I think it's totally normal that folks not get notified. In the Stampington magazines, in the letters to the editors the first letter is always someone saying "Oh what an honor to be featured in your magazine! I didn't know you'd decided to go with my piece! What a shock to see my work on the cover!"
Also- yes it IS the same mannequin. I just covered the gray plastic one in papers and washes of white paint.

ensourdineI love Howl's Moving Castle!

Chelsea-Mostly I don't need to seal, but if I notice a slight rusty dust, I rub in a wax that's similar to microcrystaline wax. And no, it doesn't irritate anything. Metals themselves (without a coat of rust) are more likely to irritate skin.

The Esthetic Event. Sacred Heart and Sword Assemblage EarringsKathy Barrick- Yeah, they liked my stuff. I'm not sure when they'll use them though. They said something about February.

Jennifer Valentine- It is all about the floor! I need just about everything I own to be out and visible. Usually I crawl around a bit. Bingo wouldn't help if his life depended on it. Spoiled old mutt.

amth13- I would have asked for a copy but since hubs insisted I get the copy we saw at the shop, I now have no use for more!

stregata- Yeah, but the book has over a thousand pages, it's not that much. On the other hand, there wasn't a lot of jewelry total... And considering I'm not primarily steampunk, it is flattering.

enyda- I've mentioned before that no, I don't wear jewelry. I'm too boyish or something. Before I was medicated, though, I used to look like a walking circus. Oh, I think my favorite recent piece was
because it looks so primordial, and you can't imagine where it may have come from, so it's a mystery.

Jackie- It depends. I usually make several at a time all together. Sometimes I make bits and then can't figure a use for them in ages, then suddenly all these different bits come together in 10 minutes.  But lets say each takes about a day's work. Maybe. Not counting gathering supplies or photographs and listing. But maybe not, who knows.
Regina Moore- No I wasn't irritated about not being notified!  There are children being sold into sexual slavery as we speak- there's something to be upset about. And yes, that certainly was a good enough question to enter you in the giveaway.

Margie- Ok, deep breaths. I did send in my pictures to them for the purposes of consideration in the book. So it wasn't like it was that out of the blue. I realize now I didn't explain that clearly in my post! I even had to fax in a form giving my permission and everything. I just didn't know they'd chosen mine.

shibui- How did you know? My hands are horrible. And permanently dirty. And the nails are all bitten, which means I must be ingesting all kinds of grime. But it's art grime, so how can that be bad for me?
But yeah, I wanna do tutorials but I'm concerned about the ugly fingers issue.

Aqua Junko Artworks- Any questions! You could even ask why the sky is blue! I make jewelry because when I tried to make wall-type art there were no limiting parameters and it was too much. I couldn't figure out my thang. And I seem to know what I wanna do with jewelry but not with wall type stuff. I always had the eye of an artist but only started making after getting on meds 9 years ago and becoming functional. I seem to like artifacts cuz they're mysterious and point toward some 'other' reality.

Louise- First I always pee. Then, I go make coffee.

Jodi- Awwww! Shush, you! 

 La Fileuse- I don't know lady, why? Cuz you wanna cut up the car and make it into jewelry? Or use it as a huge pendant for a gigantic necklace?


Kathy Barrick said...

Your heart earrings make me want to get my ears pierced. They are amazing!

Jackie said...

Okay, I'm in line for your tutorials, dirty fingers and all!! Art grime and all. Bring 'em on!! :o)

...Jackie xo

Jennifer Valentine said...

i want to be you whenever i grow up.

Janet said...

Finally figured out how to leave a comment! Woohoo! I want to know if you are in fact, not merely human, but are actually an automatron, requiring no sleep or down time and programmed for maximum productivity, because seriously, it appears that's the case. Which if true is both disturbing and wonderful.

Anonymous said...



missficklemedia.com said...

I have no idea what this is about but I love your sense of humor!

richelle said...

The pictures are lovely. I asked only because it seems strange that they wouldn't want to take their own photos--I recognized your background.

amth13 said...

If that's the case get yourself a snazzy little button with as featured in this book, for your blog. Love how you attatched those hearts to the swords, that's what I call an elegant design solution

Subconscious Dad said...

Marina, the ongoing commentary of comments is lots of fun. But I am surprised to read that you went to Uruguay only to get "treasures". Considering how much your husband loves, and you and him are loved in, that funny little country. (Or, as your uncle Manolito used to write: "mi pequeño país, de sueños vagos...")

ensourdine said...

The writing of your "Subconscious Dad" above was really beautiful, also very touching. (;))

You can see that your fans are quite protective of you - over the issue with the book author, I mean. The stream of questions regarding your jewelry making also inspires more questions from me:

1) What words - adjective, noun, or made-up terms - you'd use to describe your works and the aesthetics of your works?

2) How many ideas/methods to manipulate and change the appearance and function of a given material you have so far come up with and have actually applied?

Emakesart said...

Hi! I got my necklace in the mail today and it's even more amazing in person!! I was so excited that I wore it to dinner tonight... even though we stayed home, lol!! thank you again, I really love it! You truly are a gifted artist.

I can also see you having your own book too, just as a previous commenter said. I'd buy it in a flash. And yes, PLEASE make tutorials! Who gives a crap what your hands look like?! No one will be looking at your hands anyway...we'll be busy watching the magic that you create. Just sayin'.


richelle said...

I didn't even see the bad nails thing before. I think there's something really inauthentic and just off when I see tutorials or instructional-type jewelry and art books and magazines in which the hands are obviously hand models. It's actually distracting to me and kind of grosses me out to see perfect hands holding a hammer. I don't think you should even think twice about showing your hands. Congratulations of the feature in the book--I think it's fabulous jewelry street cred!

Lyn said...

Google, Let me in!!!!