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PDF Tutorial- Tribal Gypsy Bangle Stack.
Ok, people...
PDF Tutorial- Tribal Gypsy Bangle Stack.Here it is so stop hounding me already! I truly cracked my brain over this one trying to make it clear and  pretty and all that... Thing is, since it wasn't as straight-up, step-by-step as the headpins and had more of a variety of possibilities, it was a hot mess for quite a while. And it was such a big file that email couldn't handle it... So I had to cut it down. I removed the section on metals and oxidizers, sorry. That's gonna have to wait for another tute. Still, it's 21 pages with 59 photos and 5 diagrams. It's really the photos that make it so big, so I had to remove a ton. Thing is, we types are visual learners. You can say "loop the long end over the short, wrap the short end counter-clockwise eight times and finish with a sailor's knot" and it won't make a bit of sense. Slap in a picture and it becomes crystal clear:
PDF Tutorial- Tribal Gypsy Bangle Stack.
 As I said, it's aimed at beginners, with some discussion of design for more advanced-ers... and your momma.
Dudes, new things are hard. And writing tutes is new for me. My husband thinks it's hilarious that I call them tutes because it sounds like "toots" which sometime when I wasn't looking became the cute new way to say fart.
What was I saying? Oh yeah, since last time I had trouble with lots of people's email size limits, this time I have it on-line. So instead of the email, you'll be getting a link and a password. Unless you really want the actual file- and your email provider allows 25MB attachments- in which case I'll email it to you. You can even have both! Hell, I'll send it to you via astral carrier pigeon if you like.
Last time some people had questions about, say, if they had an electric stove top could they still make the headpins? (Answer: Yes.) I want to re-itorate: Me likey the questions. Please ask some, yo.
Speaking of headpins. Check it:
RESERVED - Benthos - The depths of the sea - Tribal sea gypsy earrings

Squeeeeee!!!! I look at these and start doing a wiggle-jig in my chair. And she really made them her own, ya know? The colors are crazy and crazy saturated. Wait, I just realized this means she had these as eyeshadows. !!! Kim (the artist previously known as Corvid) !!! I thought you were such a demur lady! Well paint me surprised (in  muted neon).

Exclamation point.


Sea wolf - Tribal shark tooth earrings
On an unrelated note, have you seen Petra's leetle bottles?
Floral AmphoraSilver and Steel
These two already sold, ya snoozers! But here's still one left, and it has a belly:Gecko Heaven
Yeah, yeah, I know. Shut up and give us the coupon already. First, you have to actually click on 'Apply Coupon Code'. It doesn't work if you write it in the 'note to seller', ladies. And did you know it doesn't matter if you write it in capitals or lower case? True fact.
So type in TOOTS or toots for 20% off the tute. And if you're really nice I'll send you some complimentary astral pigeons.
(OK, and now I actually remembered to activate the coupon. Derp. And did I mention it's another 48 hour coupon? Cuz it is. OK, carry on.)


indie grrrl said...

heading over to Etsy now.............. Damn, these are so awesome! You are the bestest! Eeeeeeeee........

alteredarcheology said...

You have all of us squeeeing in our pants right now, gypsy bangle fun porn... I'm headin' over now to purchase. Seriously, thank you for being so awesome and sharing all of your secret sauce with us, with a coupon to boot!

Juliette said...

Thanks for all your hard work! ('gypsy bangle fun porn', cracking me up)

alek said...

and i was going to ask if i could keep the astral carrier pigeon.. :)
great stuff

Alice said...

I love these! OK, I'm the beginner with a dumb question: Do you make your own bangles or start with ready made ones and embellish them? (Yes, that's me, the kid that always has their hand up in class when everyone else has already moved on to the next assignment).

Anonymous said...

How or where do you get the tutes?

La ileuse said...

Hi Anonymous. There : http://www.etsy.com/transaction/75815825
Just wait for another to be listed ! ^^

La Fileuse said...

Of course... I bought one !

Jackie said...

Okay, I know I'm a bit slow but I can't find the tute. Is it because I use too many exclamation points?? Oh fanci, help me out here. I went to La ileuse's link...it says said sold. I've been drooling over the thought of this tute since you first mentioned an upcoming tute. What am I doing wrong? I'm now reduced to a wimpering puddle.

happyfallout said...

Haha, sold out! While you were sleeping ;)!
I did several bangles today, out of curiosity, anticipating the tute. And I've got a question: I made mine more bracelet-like, with little hoops at the ends that act as rudimentary clasps. Are the traditional bangles comfortable enough? How would one estimate size for those?

happyfallout said...

Jackie, you'll have to wait until Fanci gets up!

Flotsam Tide said...

All these previous comments are making me smile, this happy excitement for your bangles is infectious. I can't wait to start making some of my own. Truly thank you for taking the time to put this together it is a wonderful tutorial, and so well written.
I am flushed with seeing my earrings on your beautiful blog. It is another headpin making day for me, and yes LOL these were from my eyeshadow stash. Wait til you see the bright oranges and reds I've got, I am pretty shy, but not so very demure, always the oddball at the party. I haven't worn these colors in years though. Much love fanci!

P.S. I try to get my little one to say "toots" but she insists on "farts"...it is just an ugly sounding word. Not cool like satchel.

anvilartifacts said...

Another great "toot"! love the diagrams you put in there. Nicely done. :)
Plus all this fabulous eye candy from you, Petra and Kim. Thanks for sharing all of this with us!

Anonymous said...

What a detailed 'toot', my head might explode. I didn't check your blog until late tonight and immediately purchased a copy, now I may not be able to sleep tonight.
Hugs, Thyme2be2

martinisfor2 said...

Thank you so much for creating the toot of all toots! I too am squeeeing in my pants right now along with the rest of you. I have been hoping for this one to be created. Thank God I purchased this on a Sunday and have to work tomorrow! Otherwise I would be sleep deprived and holed up in my studio for the next week only receiving occasional food and drink from my understanding and handsome man....only, and I stress ONLY after the previously agreed upon secret knock! Looking forward to getting started this week.......and I still love you!


Pretty Things said...

MUST have.