This n That.

OK, here's something I've been meaning to mention and keep forgetting: I notice tons of people answering their blog comments in their blog comments. Have you ever gone back to a post you've already commented on and re-read the comments to see if yours has been answered? Cuz I haven't. I'm concerned that this practice is wasted effort is what I'm saying. Let me know if you think otherwise.
Eldrich. Rustic Primitive Long Pendant Choker Assemblage. cord feather gold foil.
The closure to this is a clip from old Christmas Tree candle-holder things that elertsted sent me here.

Also, y'all know there's no rule of etiquette that says you must answer each comment. I usually will only answer if there's a specific question asked- or that's my intention but then I forget. So please feel free to pester me a bit by repeating your question. Pestering works, I find.
What Makes the Universe Exist. Lampwork Art Bead Chunky Choker. Blue Indigo Ivory Silver.
What Makes the Universe Exist. Lampwork Art Bead Chunky Choker. Blue Indigo Ivory Silver.
What Makes the Universe Exist. 
If you want to blog more but when it comes time to, you can't think of what to say, responding to comments can be a great writing prompt.
For example, potterygirl1 asked if it's "toot" or "tute". So I can answer by saying a toot is stinky, whereas tute is short for tutorial. OK, that didn't trigger a ton of introspection or anything... Oh but also stillpointworks had a good tip she commented, which was instead of listing my way, she keeps several generic listings in her drafts section, clicks 'copy' when she needs to list something then adds the pictures, etc...
I've been spending lots of time thinking of the next tute. I know what it's going to be, though I can't say when.
Here's a very simple necklace I made from these glorious beads of dark indigo and ivory infused with fine silver. They're made by adornedintreasure who is having crazy sales which allowed me to get these for half off. You can wear it with the clasp in front or back.
 What Makes the Universe Exist. Lampwork Art Bead Chunky Choker. Blue Indigo Ivory Silver.

Here's a cuff for slender wrists:
What I Was. Woven Leather Cuff with Papered and Foiled Focal Buckle. Rustic Victorian Assemblage.
What I Was.
I'm kinda hopping up and down in glee over the closure. Cuz even when I put two hooks on it, it would still slide and wobble all over. But this wide thing! *hops up and down in glee*

What I Was. Woven Leather Cuff with Papered and Foiled Focal Buckle. Rustic Victorian Assemblage.


danger8track said...

Ok that cuff is nuts.....LOVE

ensourdine said...

Now you are getting furry and feathery. Too bad that cuff is too big for my wrist, but that necklace - see how those golden fingers patting and smoothing out the black plume of some wild bird? I love the "intention" in it!

Flotsam Tide said...

The image of you hopping makes me smile, and that bracelet is wonderful. Something about Eldrich sends little shivers up my spine.

Skye said...

I answer some comments in through the email notification, and some through my blog comments... it depends on whether or not they commenter has supplied their email or not ;)

Of course, then you look back and there's only a couple replies to all these comments and it looks like I'm being snobby and ignoring people >.< lol

Maybe I should do what you do.. answer the previous posts comments *IN* the blog post ;)

Beatnheart said...

While we are on the subject of blogs . I follow a bunch of people. I like to leave a comment on each one I read. Blogger now has this dang thing where you have to put in the two "words" to verify at the end,.. Like one word wasn't enough. You don't have to have this on your blog you can get rid of it. It's a big pain in the butt . Fanci, you don't
have it on yours so your cool but what else in new.

richelle said...

I think the politics of the comments section seems to unfold on different blogs through some kind of synthesis involving the type of posts and the personalities of the writer and reader.
Lots of bloggers do answer questions within the comment sections and spend some time there-on a lot of blogs the comment section is practically a forum with intricate threads and such. So, if the blog readers know a blogger is in the habit of responding in the comments, they'd be likely to go back and check. Plus, you can subscribe to comments to get notified when new comments are posted, so you may not even have to remember to go back and check. I can see why it doesn't seem practical for you, but you are a pretty frequent blogger and your readers know you address them within new posts, so it's unfolded this way organically for you. So--my opinion is that it's not a waste of time for bloggers to answer questions in comments--it's just their style and it's a common convention.

alteredarcheology said...

Eldrich. Is awesome. I scampered to Etsy as fast as I could....haha, who am I kidding? You gals are too quick for me. Oh well, I'm sure it went to a very appreciative and deserving home. (wimper, sniff)

Roberta said...

Do you have any idea how many times I re-visit your blog and your shop? I am so intrigued by your work.......I can't stop looking. I am a stalker/follower.

quisnam said...

I must say I generally directly respond to comments in the blog comments section (although I may refer to them in the post). Love the necklace with the hand although for some reason I'm a bit squeamish about feathers (and teeth - just like Sparrow). Kate

alek said...

i saw that clasp when ya listed it and thought you very clever, wides difficult