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Hi there,
I am DYING to purchase this Beautiful piece, and hoping to do so if no one snatches it up in the next week or two...I am a Huge magick/occult follower and reader of Crowley and would love to know the significance you place on the individual aspects of the necklace/pendant. (briefly of course, just curious as to your inspirations etc for it and anything more about it you can tell me)...I do hope I manage to purchase it!
Please do more like this!

Hi- thanks for the note and the inquiry. Yes, I'm super fond of it too. I want to make more like this, but it all totally depends on the materials I have available, and since I use all this random stuff, I can't completely dictate where the pieces will take me. 

Well, I have only recently discovered crowley's wonderful over-the-top poetry, and I find it really expresses some experiences I had back when I was totally spiritual and kinda crazy. Now, I'm more chill and secular, but I get maybe *all* of my "mood" inspiration from that time. I mean, the mood the pieces evoke for me. However, I pick and choose from any and all things, science, poetry, a lot of history, medieval europe and arab philosophy and systems of knowledge, christianity, even, in my post descriptions. It almost doesn't matter what I believe or even if, cuz I'm (sort of) atheist. My only desire here is to evoke that feeling. Having so much to reference from, I realize that any and all beliefs are possible, within any particular philosophy, any symbolism or metaphor can be valid. Therefore, I don't assign particular meaning to pieces, but rather, put pieces together in a way that *feels like* it has meaning or import. I sort of emulate the visual language of metaphysics. Wow- that sounded fancy! 
So for me, as I make it or look at it, it evokes a world in which this object could have been made. The one you like feels sort of regal to me, something an important person might wear- high in her culture's hierarchy, like a shaman or noble, but w/in a small society of nomadic, family-based groups (ie tribes). 
For me its beauty and evocativeness IS its magik- an object that can transport you via its aesthetic is all the magic I need. So, it's up to you if you want to assign it specific meaning. I like the idea of buyers finding their own meaning for my pieces, but I don't need to. And if I did, that might get in the way of the process of making, possibly resulting in an uglier piece- since the message would distract me from the purely the aesthetic decisions. (Like, if I have a specific meaning to convey, I should just write an essay or something.)
OK, that was probably more than you expected, but this is what happens when I'm over-caffinated. I'm going to put this convo exchange on my blog if that's ok!

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