New stuff burnout

Too much new stuff... totally uninspired to come up w/cool posts.  The last few were literally, like "I got this little house... put it on a chain..."

Then I made a guhgillion of these slide pendants:

Let me show you the backs and fronts in pairs:

I've got a bunch more to post but ugh.  I had the brilliant idea of getting this new translation of Rilke's Duino Elegies by Edward Snow- and yes, the translation is amazing, huge improvement on all previous attempts.  However.  Since it's not, ya know, on the internet ... I can't just cut and paste it into a post, but have to actually type it in.  Wow that sounds lazy.  But after a long day of taking pictures, and after a long menstrual week of dealing w/my OCD/autistic boss, I'm just burnt.  None of the verses even make sense after a while.  Or I just start to pair them w/jewelry pieces for no good reason and it thus becomes gibberish. Gibberish. I like that word.


Jo Archer said...

I've never actually read Rilke; I have a morbid dread of lengthy poetry after struggling with Dante and Byron's Don Juan! However, I may give it a go now. You're slide pendants are beautiful. I love that you've kept the frames dark and aged looking.

Cate at www.catefneely.wordpress.com said...

Did you know that Rilke's mother used to dress him in little girls' dressed because she wanted a daughter? I think that is why his middle name is "Maria."

fanciful devices said...

Oh, my- I didn't know I was getting comments!
Jo- I don't believe in forcing it, just skim and see if you like any of it. Remember that dante and byron were much longer ago, and back then they loved it wordy. Rilke is from a different world.

Cate- yes, that's exactly why his middle name was maria! learned about that in a college class, where I was 1st introed to him and discovered my very favorite poem "a bowl of roses".