5 Little Guys

So. I went to school today. For a meeting. Make-up on and everything. Turns out my boss changed the meeting to tomorrow without telling anyone. Yup.
Mister. Icon on Wooden Ring.Mister.
So check it out! I made rings.
The Magister. Grungy Wooden Icon Ring.The Magister.
Not really, just put some images on ring bases, put some burnt-orangey embossing resin over top, grunged up the things and called 'em good.
The Magister. Grungy Wooden Icon Ring.Look how chunky they are.
Black Ruthenia. Grungy Icon in Wooden Ring.Black Ruthenia.
Black Ruthenia. Grungy Icon in Wooden Ring.Also, and for no real reason, felt like looking up the world's smallest countries, and used their names for my earrings. Cuz I was thinking how Uruguay may be small, but there's lots of other even tiny-er ones out there. So, yeah.
Tuvalu. Soldered Daggers and Rhinestone Dangles.Tuvalu.
So if you wanna learn about 2 tiny countries, go read the descriptions of the earrings.
Nauru. Soldered MOP and Czech Leaf Dangles.Nauru.
Do you guys ever talk to your blog while you're going about your day? That is, talk to yourself ... as if you were writing your blog? But then when you go to write your post, not write any of the things that were going on in your head about because they weren't that interesting after all or you can't remember them? 
Oh, you don't? 
Yeah, me neither.
(Note: To answer your question Debi, I got the muskrat skull from my father-in-law who goes to trapper's and hunter's conventions. That's also where I got the zillion rifle bullet cartridges I have. I'm always obsessed over this or that little bit I want and hunting down where to get said bit. That's what I do while the rest of you clean your homes or have social lives.)


~Debi said...

Cleaning house? Social life? What are these things you speak of? I have a ton of brass as well. I don't hunt (hubby does) but I do have a concealed carry license and go shooting at a range. (and I must say, I am damn good at it- lol) Hubby even reloads our brass for us... but I do keep some it for crafting. My brother in Colorado is saving some Elk "Ivory" for me- those front teeth. Can't wait to make some cool things with those! :D

P.S. The new things are cool :)

stregata said...

The rings are gorgeous - but do you think the finish will stand up to the wear-and-tear?

fanciful devices said...

why, sure. it's not a whole lot of it. do you mean is it safe for water? or to be banged against? Cuz i tell folks to remove it for bathing and not to gesticulate wildly through a crowd of knife wielding maniacs. other than that, youre golden.