Back To Work

Had to go back for our 1st meeting of the year. The first of the year's doodles are of a shape I've been musing on. It also has the word 'sublime', which I'm appreciating more as a way to describe what I'm going for without saying 'beautiful'. Beauty is not as deep as something sublime (and yes, I know Deryn got it first), as sublime has the idea of beauty but mixed with something transcendent, be it religious or profoundly evocative of an alternate history.

Anywhoo, I also managed to finish 2 bracelets. I'm all about the kuchi,  though not thrilled that they're called 'kuchi'. This one has these grungy faceted garnets I'm in love with.
And the colors in this one, at least in real life, are somewhat mesmerizing.


Anonymous said...

tribally, neo-victorian gorgeousness!!!

Anonymous said...

I love these new bracelets!

OvertheTop said...

Love the bracelets, but your sketches are gorgeous!