Eternity. Victorian Tribal Choker.Eternity.
Eternity. Victorian Tribal Choker.
If My Spirit be Bound. Heavy Cast Brass Fabric Buttons and Chain.If My Spirit be Bound.
The Will of the Air. Ivory Victorian Tribal Choker.The Will of the Air.
The Will of the Air. Ivory Victorian Tribal Choker.So here's a question. Should I simplify my blog? Like, remove one of my columns? I know it's super busy, it's never gonna be 'clean', but... I could post really big pictures if I only had one column. This is Lorelei's fault!
The Will of the Air. Ivory Victorian Tribal Choker.
What Internal Sun. Found Poetry and Spectacles.What Internal Sun.
What Internal Sun. Found Poetry and Spectacles.
The Moon Landing. Tin Hoops and Citrine BriolettesThe Moon Landing.
I still have this one to post.
But I'm tired! Imna go drink some coffee or something. Didn't sleep til 6 am this morning. What is up, inner clock?
Can anyone say something that'll magically motivate me to clean and organize my studio?


Doreen said...

Hmmmm...can't help you with your studio. Mine always looks like I've been in there throwing things.
I have to tell you that your jewelry makes me SWOON! I love these new pieces. You have a real creative gift!
Big pictures are good. The only thing is, if you change your mind down the road and want to go back to three columns, all your blogger pics in the "extra large" size will no longer fit. You would have to go back and change the picture size of all your posts.

Beadbug said...

I don't have any magic words but if I lived close I would come help. I am very good at organizing peoples work areas.

Boot ~C said...

Hoarders came by. saw my place & said they couldn't help, so I sent them your way!!!

fancylinda said...

I need someone with the magic words too! I like the new pieces. I recognize that black fabric piece with the floral studs! I thought it looked liked "you" when I sent it. I like your blog the way it is, with the random pictures on the sides, like all the pretty jellyfish that just recently appeared.

~Debi said...

I really like the 3 columns. I think you should keep it the way it is now.

I went to sleep at 5am. I beat you! I've always been messed up that way. I think the world should change to my schedule. lol

stregata said...

I noticed that you were up late and wondered when do you sleep?
It is your blog - do whatever suits you best - but I like it just as it is.
And I am totally awed by your new necklaces - exquisite beauty!!!