Days of Unexpected Productivity

Days of Ill Omen. Antique Assemblage Choker.Days of Ill Omen.
Days of Ill Omen. Antique Assemblage Choker.
Etheromaniac. Ring with Japanese Celluloid Flower.Boustrophedonic. Religious Medal Token and Czech Glass Leaves.Boustrophedonic.Boustrophedonic. Religious Medal Token and Czech Glass Leaves..Haruspex. Stone Disc Dangles.Haruspex.Holometabola. Vintage Tin Earring.Holometabola.Vitis Vinifera. Antique Jet Stones Czech Glass and Grapes.Vitis Vinifera.
Sitting here just as PMSed as can be, and still able to etsy-function. Now, if I had to get dressed and go be productive in the real world, I might just cry. But here in happyprettyland I am Queen of the Magical Realm.


Regina said...

Your designs take my breath away and improve my vocabulary! Love it!

jamberry_song said...

Gorgeous! I love the darkness and the earthy, dug-out-of-an-old-chest feel these pieces have. Lovely, lovely.

stregata said...

Still loving that old domino...
and the Vitis vinifera is fantastic.
Also, I am going to have to have a dictionary and a book of Latin near the computer when I visit you - I am feeling so under-educated...

fanciful devices said...

Thanks you guys! I just found these words googling 'strange words' and picking some I like. Really. Or I looked up butterfly on wikipedia to find a some neat nomenclature. <--That was a fancy word I actually do know, but proly spelled wrong.
Just telling you b/c I've gotten convos where people are all intimidated by my brainy listing descriptions. Also, the word definitions are available upon clicking the links.
And once I'm done posting, I forget the words immediately, too.

Malin de Koning said...

Looooove the ring!
And the earrings too.
All very nice!

Jennifer Valentine said...

only YOU would think of an amazing ring like that! LOVE it my dear.
Your christmas gift has now grown to epic proportions and it is now a Valentine's gift.
I can hardly wait to send it!
LOVE the butterfly earrings also...and your brainiacedness.

romantic decay said...

It's good to be the queen