Peeks of the Sneaky Variety

I'll proly get a chance to fully photograph and list on Saturday. 
But until then. 
So the top 2 baubles on this necklace are from Uruguay, the bottom is an hors d'oeuvre pick my mom's had forever. I showed her this to see if she'd recognize it and she said- 'That's the pick whatshisface brought me from Spain 25 years ago!' Oops. But she actually liked the necklace. A rare event.
Didja know hors d'oeuvre means 'apart from the main work'? Once long ago, my mom, a doctor, was at a fancy dinner for some hospital something and this old big-shot in the hospital kept flirting with mom. He offered to get her a plate of food. Mind you, Mom's English often goes haywire. Intending to say, "No, thanks, I've already had too many hors d'oeuvres." My mother actually said, "I've already had too many ordeals."


Jennifer Valentine said...

LOVE THIS...and the story!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

haha! I didn't know that about Horses Doovers.

But AY! Those star earrings- why have I not thought of doing that?! It's so outside the box, I love it love it love it. Gosh you inspire me.

stregata said...

I love those old dominos!
And I agree with your mom - some hors d'oeuvres can be a real ordeal...