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Mumpsimus. Victorian Tribal Salvage.Mumpsimus.
Why is it that sometimes the pictures I take look like they were taken off of youtube? Like, horribly pixelated, like a tiny picture that's been enlaged? ARRRGGG!
Mumpsimus. Victorian Tribal Salvage.Anyways, the disc in the middle of this focal is an eraser. Yup. An antique pencil eraser I found in Uruguay.
The Hesychast. Victorian Tribal Rosary.The Hesychast.
There's a little Mary at the center, gift of SacredCake, which I've affixed to an old earring backing. Looks like they're meant to be together, hu?The Hesychast. Victorian Tribal Rosary.And touches of the hottest of pinks. I don't know why that color popped up in my mostly monochromatic world.

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~Debi said...

Hot pink??? You rebel, you! Cool stuffs :)