See, I'm still around, making stuff

Our Screamings in the Willow Tree.All the metal filigree/stampings/bases/medals and in the case of the necklace below, beads and long links, come from here
Farrago. Brass Stampings and Pealized Glass Drops.
Haecceity. Mini Fabric Buttons for the Ear.
Hecatomb. Brass Monkey and Blood Drops.
My Sorrow So Pure. Found Poetry Earrings.
Galimatias. Printer's Block Necklace.
Galimatias. Printer's Block Necklace.

Thank you guys for all the lovely comments in my last 2 posts. (I think that Carol hit the nail on the head when she said stuff is worth what people will pay.)

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stregata said...

Drooling over your work again - the monkeys are fabulous!