Recent Faves

I've been obsessed with cotton pearls.
 vintage cotton pearls - 2 pieces - large 14mm x 22mm size - beautiful, teardrop, lightweight, weddinghereVintage Japan - RARE - Cotton Pearls - Teardrop 22 x 13 - CP17here
Revisiting an old fixation on vintage strawberry pincushions.
Vintage Style Handmade Velvet Strawberries.....Sampler set of 6herePincushion, Handmade, Victorian Inspired, Hat Pins and Brooch Holder or Unique Christmas treehere
Strawberry Rose Sachet PINKhere
And enjoying the eye candy of so many etsians.
Spiky orb braceleteyefunLaburnum earrings - Belle epoque - earringsLeeOhiojennifermorrisbeads

An Assemblage to Wear -- The OceanreadbetweenlinesOver Bite Teeth Ring Made With Vintage Fake Teeth Garnet Onyxdolldisasterdesign
As well as weird old things that cross my path.
2 Vintage Millinery FlowershereFour Vintage Assorted Shoe Gumball Machine Prize Charmshere
And even things that have nothing to do with jewelry if you can believe it.Bus illustration printtreasurefreyAdvice from a Robin...theaterclouds
And things I can't even explain.


Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff! I hope you do something with the strawberries again. I think the first piece of yours I ever admired was a necklace with a strawberry on it, and someone else bought it before I was able to.

stregata said...

So much eye candy - yum! Thanks for sharing these. I'm going to have to take a closer look at those strawberries...