WIPin' it up!

 Here's an incomplete bracelet. Experimenting w/little button gem heishi. Making my own gradiated strands. Sort of a play on watermelon tourmaline.

And then here's a pair of earrings I made today, driving myself crazy making little holes, cutting fine chain to matching lengths, trying to get the mini jump rings through the tiny holes. I sure do like to drive myself crazy with the little bits and pieces.

OK, so after all that talk about prices and so on, I listed 8 things and sold half of them w/in 24 hours! Long after I'd given up on the idea of being an artist, thinking it a silly child's dream, one that broke my heart several times over. Like the Buddhists say, you can only get it once you let it go. I found a super elaborate drawn/painted/collaged work I made several years ago in which I declared to myself in big letters using all the colors of the rainbow and with all the artistry at my disposal "EVERYTHING YOU'VE EVER WANTED YOU WILL NEVER GET."
And now.  Here I am swimming in joy and I just don't know. I wish I could store this up for the bad times. Or to mail to Somalia ...


stregata said...

Drool! 'scuse me!
So, what do we learn from this? Maybe - stop worrying about everything and just create with all your heart. What could be better?

betweenreader said...

Oh Fanciful, I can't imagine you ever doubted your artistry, but then I remember the same state of mind, myself. You are so right about the letting go. So now you are a Wise Artist. You know I love and value your work!

Pretty Things said...

I can't believe (no, I CAN believe) how freaking talented you are.

Jennifer Valentine said...

Own it, Fanci....Own it.