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Oh have I got something for... well, me, actually:
And yea verily on the day of judgement, the worthies were rewarded with their deepest heart's desires appearing wondrously at their very doorsteps. 
And then there's stuff:

The Blush. Valentine Necklace.The Blush. Valentine Necklace.The Blush.Eternal Enamored. Ceramic Rounds and Vintage Medallion.Eternal Enamored.Eternal Enamored. Ceramic Rounds and Vintage Medallion.

Note: The skull here is Spirited Earth. Lately I'm forgetting to give credit! The original was white and pale blue, but I was having trouble working the pale blue so I decided to patina it. I just it with on over and over and over again. And then sealed it. Then the next day I had to do it all over again because some of the original color was showing through.
The big ceramic rounds were an 'oops' batch from NessysNest. I actually rubbed some patina on the pale ones to grunge those as well. Cuz I have issues. Of course I got it all over my wood floor, my supplies, my meals, etc. It's permanently embedded around my nails, which will be extra sexy while teaching...


Spirited Earth said...

i want those hands..very cool..
How did you get that skully blackened..this necklace is amazing

richelle said...

I've been looking at those weird animalhead cabs forever...love them.

stregata said...

Such deliciousness!!!