I forgot

Violent Source-World. Gemstone Heishi and Afghan Kuchi.
...to list this one yesterday. I should spread out my listings. Give you a little at a time instead of a flood of items every few days. Its just that when you wake up at 1pm and the sky goes dark at 4pm, there's not a lot of time to take pictures. So I end up just making more instead of photographing what I already have.Violent Source-World. Gemstone Heishi and Afghan Kuchi.Violent Source-World.
So, I like this one, but I'm not sure about the colors. I guess I'm not crazy about the green. Or maybe it's the fact of so many primary colors together. OK, I know green's not primary, but with blue and red it looks primary. I priced it quite high. I guess I say that as a warning. You know what I need to do to assuage my ridiculous guilt? I'm gonna go give some money to some primates... Non-human ones, that is.
Oh, I also took a picture of this loveliness I got from jansjewels:
Any idea what I might possibly do with this? Cuz it's on wire, is the thing.

She also has these for $3 each, or $2.46 if you get 5 or more:
And these for $8 a foot:
I've seen similar on etsy for $14 a foot. Is alls I'm saying. So what to do with them? Is alls I'm asking.
And I'm thrilled to say the consensus it to leave my blog just as busy and epileptic-fit-inducing as it is!
Also, I forgot to mention that the trim here:
was a freebie added to my purchase from fancylinda, who clearly knows me all too well.  Girl, I think you could just go "I have a bunch of very 'you' things that I'll sell you for X amount, interested?" and I'd have to say yes sight unseen!
Here's an image from her current blog post:I know, right?

p.s. there's a squirrel making itself at home in my chimney, which goes through my computer/bedroom. The aluminum sheet that lines it rattles every time s/he runs around in there and it's making me mental. In the cutest way.


fancylinda said...

I got some of that white glass wired footage from Jan's Jewels too. I got the kind with the leaves and the flowers on it. I was planning to resell it, but she gave it to me in one very long continuous piece and I'm kind of afraid to cut it. If I come up with some creative way to use it I'll let you know, but most likely you'll come up with something long before I do!

stregata said...

The glass garland is magical! I'm thinking you could sew it on a piece of fabric...
The colours on the bracelet are just as they should be - they echo the stones in the kuchi piece.
So - you have a squirrel in the chimney and he is driving you nuts? Hmmm.

Malin de Koning said...

Thank you sooooo much for telling about JansJewels shop. I have never heard of it. Lovely beads!

And all your jewellery looks great as usual. That top bracelet is gorgeous. You say ou are not shure about it, with all the colours. How about letting one of the colours (green blue or red) be the dominant one and the others just accents kind of. Just an idea ...

Casual squirrel ... :-)

Little Brown Sparrow said...

You could use the wire leaf lengths to make tiaras, just stitch them on some ribbon and make headband styles or get funky with solder for proper 'sit-up' types.

my friends have possums in their roof. Sometimes the possum pees and it leaks through the lining boards. That's fun.

Jennifer Valentine said...

As always, I love your creations...you have enspired me to stretch BEYOND my own self imposed restraints.
Just you wait and see....
I so adore you Fanci...