3 Theeeengs!

The Romanian Witch Tax. Faucet Handle and Tigereye Necklace.
Help, y'all. I don't know which of these 2 should be my 1st image.
Almacantar. Antique Kuchi Bracelet.

Almacantar. Antique Kuchi Bracelet.
Exogenesis. Earrings.
Exogenesis. Earrings.
 I should be communicating linguistically- that is, writing something deep and witty here instead of just putting up pictures, hu? I got nothin'. I'm dizzy and cloudy from napping and... that's all. I did like my title for the necklace above. It's an absolutely true news story. What else? The girly bracelet, Mr. Husband said it didn't look like something I'd make. When I said, 'yeah but the bits demanded to be put together' he had a good laugh. Have I told y'all that my husband is basically like an awkward adolescent? Cuz when I hear 'husband' I think of, you know, a MAN- but he so isn't. He's the human equivalent of a Labrador Retriever. Just sayin'. 
Oh, I got masses of goodies in the mail from jansjewels.com. Because it's not a very visually inviting home page, you might not have ever poked around in there. But it's one of my favorite places to get supplies. For example, lots of the same stuff you can find at BENMICHELVINTAGE for a tenth the price. Tomorrow, I'll take some pix to entice you. Unless I'm lazy and don't.


Beadbug said...

I just love the bracelet with the rose colored stones, it's amazing. Your prices are so reasonable!

Boot ~C said...

hey that link has a 2nd saturday warehouse sale & OKC is only an hour & a 1/2 drive for me! I missed today's sale, but there is always next month.love the new work

Jennifer Valentine said...

I love the rosey bracelet! OMG!
and did you seriously DIS benmichelvintage on yer blag?! lol

fancylinda said...

I like the second photo for the Romanian Witch Tax. The new pieces are beautiful! I love the Afghan focals you've been using. I also love the loopy clasp on the bracelet.