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OK, all y'all's comments had me choked up. I love you guys. On the other hand... sigh. Just adding all the pictures into this blog post was a pain in my hinder. So I guess the conclusion is Imma blog less. And this is less. But that also means each entry will be five thousand pictures long.
Minimal art bead earrings- handmade artisan jewelry by fancifuldevices -Rustic Contemporary series.
Here's something new for me- working in series. I ever-so-imaginatively call this my Contemporary Rustic collection. Look at my babies! Look at the precious little solder blobs!Minimal art bead earrings- handmade artisan jewelry by fancifuldevices -Rustic Contemporary series.
I fucking love these simple hooks with one or two of my beads (which I also fucking love) but they have not been selling?
Teardrop art bead earrings- handmade artisan jewelry by fancifuldevices -Rustic Contemporary series.
They're even quite ridiculously inexpensive ($18 - $24) compared to everything else in my shop and usually when I price things cheaply they fly out the shop. 
Look at these amazing teardrop findings I *ahem* found. The only thing is they're gold plated which I never do, maybe that's what my buyers object to?
But look at these precious little chain drapes!Teardrop art bead earrings- handmade artisan jewelry by fancifuldevices -Rustic Contemporary series.
My peeps maybe aren't used to minimalism from me. 
Teardrop art bead earrings- handmade artisan jewelry by fancifuldevices -Rustic Contemporary series.
But I love minimalism! I just can't ever achieve it.Handmade artisan earrings with art beads by fancifuldevices- Bobble Bauble seres.
I call these Bobble Baubles cuz how they bounce around. 
Handmade artisan earrings with art beads by fancifuldevices- Bobble Bauble seres.
Making these has made me re-fall-in-love with my beads. But it's cool whatever doesn't sell I'll give to my cousins when I see them in Uruguay in a month.
Handmade resin charm pendants with beaded frames by fancifuldevices- ooak handmade pendants
I just now put up an assortment of resin charm/pendants in the shop. I've been experimenting with making them using beads as walls for the resin.
Which left me with resin everywhere so next I tried using this putty slime to make the walls.
Which worked pretty well, except that the slime shrinks as it dries so next I'm going to try actual silly putty since it's not water based. That way I can set everything up one day and do the actual pour the next if necessary.
Handmade resin charm pendants with beaded frames by fancifuldevices- ooak handmade pendants
In any case, been really enjoying making them.
Handmade resin earring pairs by fancifuldevices- ooak handmade charms
Here I used brass teardrops for bead pairs.Handmade resin charm pendants with beaded frames by fancifuldevices- ooak handmade pendants
Clear bubbles for my bathing beauty. All the beads pretty well combined to the pic, except in my Mary and child they look wonky on the right side. Oh well, still good.
Handmade resin bracelet cuff connector with beaded frame by fancifuldevices
You know I gotta make a bracelet connector despite all the inherent difficulties. It's just so perfect for a long image that you'd hate to break up.
Then of course photos are a bitch.
Handmade resin charm pendants with beaded frames by fancifuldevices
Here are some of my originals that are already sold.
Handmade resin charm pendants with beaded frames by fancifuldevices
Of these actually the hand in the upper right is still available. I liked how it looks like it's gripping the ring that will go through the hole.Handmade resin charm pendants with beaded frames by fancifuldevices
And of these, nipple hand is still available. Whoda thunk?
It's from this famous painting I'm sure you know:
And finally, this sold out group right here is what taught me that I didn't actually need to bother with brass backs if I'm using other stuff for the walls. 
Handmade resin charm pendants with beaded frames by fancifuldevices
So basically I'm developing a new rustic resin bezel and will soon make my own tute obsolete since this is much easier. Which means Imma hafta make a new tutorial! Crap.
I even found a way to use my palm prints to mattify the surface so I don't have to spend years buffing! At one point I thought using the heel of my foot was even better- you can apply the force directly- but my bare feet or socks are way too dirty. Ended up having to buff away grime instead!
Large handmade art beads with hollow core, crackle texture and iridescence- Dark Treasure series
I also just now listed these sets, with hollow aluminum foil cores.
Large handmade art beads with hollow core, crackle texture and iridescence- Dark Treasure series
These are very fat babies. I wasn't going to list these until maybe the first pairs of earrings I showed abovesold out, but then they never sold. Even though I think they're fucking awesome.
Large handmade art beads with hollow core, crackle texture and iridescence- Dark Treasure series
Whatever. I know what I like and external validation feels great but isn't so essential.
Yeah those rings also have crumpled aluminum cores and were a pain to make.
Resin and honey opal necklace, rustic art jewelry by fancifuldevices, “Smiling at Grief”
Look at this pretty girliness with the shaded honey opal heishi. 
This is actually the face of the nipple pinch painting.Handmade Fang lariat necklace in pale ivory cream by fancifuldevices, “Barghest”
Fang= tough guy, crotchet lace cap= girly girl.
You know me and the yin yang balance of opposites thang.Dark rustic art necklace with dichroic glass- “Nocturne”
Ok this is actually a remake of a pendant featuring a dichroic glass cab. I realized the gleam and wonder of the glass was too... available. 
And my whole thing is looking through the first matte layers to the gleam undernearth. That's what my starry shards tute is about.
So I sanded the crap out the surface, then added some blotches of paint. I'm thrilled with it. Also that thick chain was a handmade gift from InLumina. Also vintage garnet and my own polybabies.
Handmade assemblage necklace in hot pink, berry red- “Ardor”
The medallion here was once the top of a trinket box.I switched the cheapo cab for a big sexy rhinestone. So but this sold. But guess who bought it? My MOM! Idk, I think she's getting into my stuff cuz she sees it so much more since my Instagram feed shows up on her Facebook. But all her jewelry is super conservative? She also bought the big necklace with the compass and fang which I really don't see her even wanting to pull off but ok.
I had so much fun making some small simple earrings.Handmade rustic earrings by fancifuldevices, "Peccadillo"
 I think this is maybe where my minimalist kick started.
Rustic handmade artisan earrings, "Velleity"
I love these. They're all sold.
Little handmade artisan earrings, "Sisters of Joy"
Check the nail decals all sorta piled on top of each other.
Handmade artisan earrings with ancient beads, "Twins of Time"
The blue beads are some kind of ancient.
Red enamel earrings, handmade artisan dangles, "A Dalliance"
I think I already shared these enamel discs by InLumina which I added nail decals to.
Pink enamel earrings, handmade artisan dangles, "A Dalliance"
Stacked spotted globe earrings, handmade artisan jewelry by fancifuldevices- "Exulansis"
Spotted balls all gifts from Teapotsandtelephones, except for the artisan caps.
So yeah I got all into the minimalism and made this series first.
Which, again, I adore but have not been selling great.
But again, I know I love them so lack of tons of external validation will not kill me. This time.
Handmade artisan earrings with polymer clay art beads- Wood and Metal series by fancifuldevices
I'm still squeeing over the little details.
Handmade artisan earrings with polymer clay art beads-  Dark Treasure series by fancifuldevices
Something about smallness lately. 
Handmade artisan earrings with polymer clay art beads- Wood and Metal series by fancifuldevices
Have I been staring obsessively at dollhouse miniatures lately? Yeah, what of it?
Rustic art bracelet, polymer clay bangle by fancifuldevices- “Guise”
OK this one is special because it was a total experiment. I took all these different polymer veneers I've managed to come up with and applied them to this vintage bracelet base. Hinged! (Thank you SacredCake for the gift.) Thing is the pitted faux ancient veneer you have to develop after you apply it, and then finish it when it's all cooked which could mess up the veneers to either side so I didn't know what to expect. But it got a great reaction on Instagram-external validation! Also it was my first attempt at mica shift- that gold section that looks ridged but is actually flat.

Phew that's a lotta stuff.

Oh I listed these but then decided they'd make great minimal earrings so I took them down. But now that things aren't selling I don't know. On the other other hand I could use these for cousin gifts.
I've been posting some WIP
Random filthy studio shot.
I spent three weeks taking care of my parents' cats with Mr. Devices while they visited their California grandbaby. Learned I'm actually super allergic. But how can you refuse these faces?
What else? Went to a rally. (It's true there's a liberal bias in cat news.)
So I made this sign. Mr. Devices said it was dumb so I was a little self conscious about it. Then I got there and I was photographed like a thousand times. It was a huge hit and I felt like a rockstar. I was ready for the next demonstration so I could show off my sign some more. Later he tells me the reason he thought it was dumb was because it didn't rhyme! I'm like you idiot that's the chants. Signs aren't supposed to rhyme, chants are! My poor baby is such a dummy. On the other hand the back of the sign reads HUMAN DECENCY but until Mr. D pointed it out, it read HUMAN DECECY and I'd been looking at it for hours. My poor self am such a dummy.
So then I posted this which included a comment I'd gotten on the previous post and my response. And poor nearlylost trapped in this serious conversation with her ridiculous comment!
OK, this was such a long post I'm not actually gonna add any animals it's too much ...
Well, maybe just these...
And these are so cute I can't resist...
And you have to watch this it's very important.


Anonymous said...

I'm the child of immigrants and married to an immigrant. The BIG DIFFERENCE is that they all waited in line and came LEGALLY. My friend has a niece who has been waiting for several years to come here because she wants to come legally. How is it fair that we have closed our eyes to those who break the law and punish those who follow it?
YES to LEGAL immigration.
Glad you're back to the blog. I guess I'm too dense to see the connection between science and muslims.

fanciful devices said...

I had a student who had 8 siblings die from poverty- they couldn't afford basics like antibiotics or sometimes even food. So just because the system is unfair to you, should this woman stand by while her children suffer the same when across the border there are jobs and a chance at life? The laws are extremely biased against Hispanics especially, all laws put into place after the immigrants became majority Hispanic. Laws that never existed before like language requirements.
I personally know how these people risk their lives just coming here, how hard their lives are here, how desperately they look for a path toward citizenship when absolutely none is available unless you come from Europe or Canada. I know the shame they live with and how that tears at their family integrity. How school teachers treat speaking Spanish like a learning disability. How grateful they are just for electricity and running water. You have no idea what people go through but you don't even really try to do you?

Science and muslims are two great things that are threatened under this administration, duh. You've probably never met a Muslim but the ones I've met were incredible people worthy of protection against all the terrorosm that threatens them much more than it threatens us.

Anonymous said...

I went to visit my mom in arizona, a red state, and went to the women march. I am not a rebel, It was my first march and I was proud and moved by the women who marched and stood up for what they believed in.
I told my mom a solid republican about the march. The next day she would barely talk to me,she was mad and hurt that I would be happy about the march when I knew she supported the president. We had some heated words, she said we should not talk about it. But I insisted that I had a right to reject his policies and that his approach to governing only widened the divide in america. I say lets talk, lets say whats important to us, lets not divide but unite and stand up for america. It is very complicated. If we stop talking, if we forget to compromise, if we don't strive to move forward and build on the last administrations positive accomplishments, then what is up with that. Lets be kind, lets be respectful but lets talk, lets share as women who love america. talk, argue, hug, talk. talk. its too important to not share our feelings, make it a positive moment, a real desire to understand each other while standing up for america the whole time. we need to find our middle ground again.

EmmaJaneJewellery said...

Just wanted to say I love your jewellery! As a fellow artisan, I really respect that fact that you are open about who you are and what you believe. As you so rightly say, we make things because we MUST, because we can't be truely 'us' without making, it's part of our souls and I always feel I literally give away a tiny piece of myself with everything I make. It's important that the people we sell to 'get' that and I certainly find it really difficult to sell to people that I don't feel a little connection with. But hey, that's why I'll never be a millionaire! Anyway, just wanted to say, LOVE it all and I think the minimal stuff is great, very inspired by the simple shapes of the ear wires....you've got me thinking.....! X

Anonymous said...

I'm a long time reader, but have not posted here before. I love your resin pendants, especially, and I enjoy reading what you have to say; you're funny and smart.

I appreciate your standing up for your convictions. You don't have an obligation to speak neutrally. You're not advocating anything wrong. I wish that those in charge in the current administration would take a mature, reasoned tone, but it hasn't happened.

Maggie Zee said...

I applaud your political stand - especially now when it's more about plain old human decency than political differences. We need artists now more than ever. Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place! I haven't watched Sesame Street in many years so maybe it's already happened and I just missed it, but I wish Bert and Ernie would just get married already. The make such a great couple.

Gardanne said...

Ever think of crystal clay or polymer clay for the walls of your resin, and to hold onto the beads. And the lady who's nipple was being pinched looks surprisingly calm. I love solder blobs.

Autena said...

The immigration issue is so complex, as are my feelings about it. Don't want to get into here, but suffice it to say, we are all entitled to our thoughts on it, as long as they draw from informed thinking and rationality.

Just peeked at your shop and have to say I dearly love the tin cone caps with handpainted flowers. Beautiful!!

Roberta said...

I respect you for standing by your principles. This admin wants to ban both science and Muslims. Several Kurdish people I have met, told me that in their country, Iraq, they would be shot on the spot if they said they believed in science. As opposed to religion? Most of us want to do things legally, however, if you are facing being shot, bombed, starvation, or extreme poverty, it's human nature to try to survive. I have met many wonderful people who are Muslim, Hispanic, Ethiopian, etc and they are all hard working, good people. I love your blue composition bracelet! Also your faux ancient beads. I've been wanting to come up with some beads that look like they came from an archaeological dig. Seeing your work..I've decided to try to make them. May take trial n error.? Your creations, work motivates me. The minimalist earrings are waiting for the right person, people to see them. They are unique.

Unknown said...

I really like the cat videos! haha
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Brandi said...

I must say, the pieces you have created are wonderful! It is so refreshing to see some truly unique art, being able to wear it is just an added bonus. Lately I have been venturing into the world of craft shows, and sadly find a lot of bead work that looks identical to the table next to it. Great work!

Unknown said...

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