Considering whether to continue blogging

Dark chunky rustic necklace with electroformed stalactite by fancifuldevices - “Sister of Stones”
Look, this stalactite used to look like this:

But I couldn't handle the eye-searing shimmer so I scrubbed at it with a toothbrush and oxidizer for hours, then I took contrasting colors to bring down the pink. Same below:
Dark chunky rustic necklace with electroformed stalactite by fancifuldevices - “Uncle of Time”
Exquisitely electroformed by Alessandra of  InLumina. Thank you so much girl, I love them.

You know why I haven't blogged in a while? It's become pain and I don't know if anyone's reading.
Chunky choker-handmade artisan necklace- "Child of Snow"- Rustic tribal assemblage jewelry by fancifuldevices.
You know what's not a pain? Instagram.
I'm really active there. It's a lot easier and more rewarding.Antique fabric wrist cuff bracelet with coin, button embellishments - “Dowager of Bounty”
So I'm considering saying adieu to blog land.
Artisan sterling earrings with peridot and bunnies- “Parents of Spring”
Right now, as you can see, I'm putting these pix in without links or descriptions cuz you know what?
Rustic lariat necklace with compass - “Duchess of Discovery”
You can find it all in my shop, descriptions in listings and you know this.

So if I make this easier on myself, duh.
Rustic artisan bracelet with salvaged tin. Mixed media assemblage art- “Scribe of Fools” 
You can't force yourself, I say this to other people all the time but only just remembered it for myself re: blogging.

I'm still in love with what I make I only want less time on the computer.
Artisan bracelet focal connector- Woodland Feast
Also, I used to blog eagerly cuz it was the only way I felt connected to my artsy community but now I get that with instagram.
Chunky choker-handmade artisan necklace- "Crone of Earth"- Rustic tribal assemblage jewelry by fancifuldevices.
So yeah. If you like this stuff, go to the shop.
Statement bead stack necklace, pendant lariat - “Seed and Stone” 
If it's not there, it sold.

You can find it in the sold section.
Artisan earrings with polymer clay art beads and amethyst- “The Magi”  
If you're curious about any of it, easy convo me.Rustic lariat necklace with toy game - “Duke of Delights”
I still love questions.

They still make me feel important.
And don't ever worry that you're infringing on one of my "artist's secrets".
Stitched textile bangle stack - Bohemian fabric bracelet set "Ensorcell"
I've had people ask how I make something and say, "It's ok if you don't want to tell me your secret though".
Stitched textile bangle stack - Bohemian fabric bracelet set "Mavourneen"
And I'm like are you kidding me?
Rustic bangle stack in apple green. Beaded stitched textile bohemian bracelet set "New Beginnings"
"Sit yo ass down while I explain how I made this!"
Antique fabric wrist cuff bracelet with coin, button embellishments - “Selenotropism”
It gives me a chance to show off something clever I figured out.
Red tribal artisan bracelet, handmade mixed media art jewelry by fancifuldevices- "The Cup that Holds your Wine"
Artisan bracelet, handmade mixed media art jewelry by fancifuldevices- "The Raconteuse"Rustic bangle stack in apple green. Beaded stitched textile bohemian bracelet set "Ullassa"Rustic bangle stack in off white ivory. Beaded stitched textile bohemian bracelet set "Nubivagrant"Rustic bangle stack in shades of blue. Beaded stitched textile bohemian bracelet set- "Sea So Deep"Rustic bangle stack in plum purple. Beaded stitched textile bohemian bracelet set "Chimerical"Rustic bangle stack in apple green. Beaded stitched textile bohemian bracelet set "A Midsummer Stroll"Antique fabric wrist cuff bracelet - “Keeper of Vessels”Artisan earrings with gemstones- “Priestess of Valor”

Antique fabric wrist cuff bracelet with bullion embroidery, pewter, resin - “Connubial”
Ok, now lets get random with the kind of thing you can't necessarily share on Instagram. I guess I could but so far I've kept it strictly to jewelry and a few pix of the fur babies in my life.

Image result for nk jemisinYou know what I haven't shared, maybe ever? All the fiction I read. Let me show you a thing. N. K .Jemisin. She's a super genius writer of sort of fantasy books though I hate most fantasy. She's so brilliant though and her work is so full of amazing ideas. Like chock full of the inventiveness that makes me so enraptured. Just like eye candy but for your head. I mean that exact same feeling you get. Ugh. I wish I was a better writer to explain in a way she deserves. So many levels.
While I'm sharing random things- I love my white noise maker, which Mr. Devices calls my Sleeping Machine. If you wake up at every tiny thing, this this is amazing. Though I wish it were even louder. But maybe the non-cheap variety has that option.

What's more, I've been using clove oil with my toothpaste and its awesome. Kinda makes your mouth numb and I've realized a bunch of the stuff my dentist uses has it too.

I also love my rice cooker and use it with every different type of grain. Whole grains, of course.

Another thing I love? Aldi. And the Mexican grocery next to it where I get my produce and nuts. Amazing.

Also watched People of Earth and it was the most consistently entertaining thing I've seen in a long time. It was light, imaginative and chock full of surprises and juicy plot. Like, the first episode had enough story for most show's whole seasons. I've found there's places on line to watch any and everything for free as long as you click around and shut down enough pop-ups.
This amazing wild orangutan using a saw after she observed people use it.

I know!
And this dog rescue:

Stop crying.


Cindy L said...

Oh my goodness, you would be missed SO much...but I can only imagine how much work/time it takes to put a blog post together. You've so generously shared your hard-earned knowledge and that is a remarkable thing these days. If you decide to sign off on blogging, I hope you'll leave us one final entry so we're not spending eternity continuing to click on this link in the (ever-diminishing) hope that you'll be here. It would be wonderful if you could recommend any design blogs or sites that you find interesting.

I dread going cold turkey, as you have given us countless hours of inspiration and information. If you pull off the metaphorical band-aid and make this your last blog entry, then please accept my whole-hearted thanks and appreciation. You are a treasure and should do what gives YOU pleasure!

Anonymous said...

I can certainly understand the desire to not have this constantly on your to do list, as I started my own blog years ago, put up a happy halloween post and then left it. Forever. I got the blog idea from you, it was the first cool blog I ever saw that I wanted to visit again and again and again. In fact, in the morning when I type fa into my browser and facebook or fanciful devices blogspot come up in the recommendations I always choose your blog. Always. Now I realize that facebook is annoying and can be stupid and lately has even been pretty mean, so I am not trying to say you are better than a bunch of stupid stuff on facebook. Noo, no, don't get it twisted my dear. I moved like 3000 miles away from everything I know a couple of years ago, and since then stupid facebook has become more important than I would like it to be. But it is, and still I come here to check you out first. Having said all that, of course I will follow you over there too if that is where you are. I can stalk with the best of them. As Cindy said if you do stop the blogging, then we must say a big thank you for all the sharing you have done. We all owe you that already. So thank you!

Andrew Thornton said...

I hope you keep blogging!

So many beautiful creations! I dig your process of aging stuff and taking the bling down a notch. It's like you're giving them their soul back.

Funny thing you should mention N.K. Jemisin! I just saw her do a reading and talk at one of the local colleges here! So fascinating. I love her ideas about inclusiveness and world building.

Keep up the good work!

Jon Burgess Design said...

I hadn't seen your blog before, so don't stop now ;-) Keep it so it's enjoyable, and if isn't, I guess knock it on the head. I'm still trying to absorb how you put things together as I need to free up my imagination as far as putting beads and stuff together in the form of necklaces etc. I'm enjoying making beads too much at the minute though ;-)
Keep up the amazing work.

InLumina said...

Hey Marina! Thanks for the mention, I really appreciate it, and I'm glad you could find a use for those overly sparkly thingies...they look great toned down!
My goodness girl! You are a true powerhouse of making! so many pretties!
Thanks for the suggestions, I'm gonna check that lady out, get a white noise machine (I've been wanting one forever) and yes Aldi is awesome! I've gotten a little lazy about going there, I have a Sprouts right across from me and I just go there even though it's a little pricier!
OH! If you haven't check the OA (the A is like a forward and a backward slash), it's really awesome...I think you'd dig it. It's in the same line as Sense8. If you like comedic horror there's also Crazyhead on there, I loved it, it's British...those British people really know how to do good shows!
Ok, I'll stop and go back to work, I could go on a list of shows forever...*NEED to read MOAR books* thanks for the suggestions!

InLumina said...

I completely forgot to say the OA and Crazyhead are on Netflix... I get my enthusiasm about shows get the best of me and I get all jumbled up...sowwy!

Autena said...

Some of the above writers echoed my thoughts exactly. I check in everyday to see if there is a new post (only blog I do that for). I understand though because it is a lot of work to maintain a blog, even intermittently (I abandoned mine long ago.)

So even though I/we would miss you terribly, just let us know and we will accept it. Guess I'll have to switch to Instagram, if that is what you'll be doing. Can't get enough of your work.

Like Cindy said, please warn us in your last post, so we aren't forever clicking the link.

fanciful devices said...

omg you guys are gonna make me cry! i just wasn't sure if anyone was still interested is all. i'll keep it up if y'all are of course. just putting up pix w/o links already made it easier. *crying emoji*

Debbi said...

Your blog would be missed, however, I understand it is WORK! Your designs are so unique, it is a dream just to look at it. But since you mentioned Instagram, I will be adding you so I can continue to see your work.

Vintajia Adornments said...

I am always rather sad when a new blog post from you doesn't appear in my feed. Istagram and Facebook are quick snips but don't have the soul of a blog. I love the shared feeling, the ahha moments, the what was I thinking and the quirky outlook on creating. Blog on my dear!

Anonymous said...

would miss your blog but understand the work! Seems like lots are moving to IG. Guess I should figure out how to set it up, sigh….. There's something about reading your thoughts and not just the pix that give the blog format more soul than just pix alone. Guess I'm getting old as I'm not into lots of apps on my phone. Anyway, will follow you wherever, etsy, or IG!

Her Strange Kind said...

I would dearly miss your blog posts, but can understand how burdensome they would be to produce. Not only do I love the pretties but I particularly enjoy your musings on the world around you. I love your writing and appreciate being let into your world.

Perhaps you could consider shortening the length of your entries? Maybe select fewer pieces, or show a new thing that you are doing? I love when you explain how you figured something out, or a genius solution that you found, but doing it for each picture takes a lot of time.

Although I rarely comment, I check for a new post every day. It would make me sad to see your blog die. You are amazing.

Penelope said...

I'm gunna poop on everyone's parade here but... I think you should stop. Really! Your blog is great but if it's turning into a chore to post on it, then you have to stop. Trust me, I know.

I have more reasons but I'll convo you. PS more poops - that wasn't a rescue, he just wanted the stick!

That cuff with the lion though...omfg. It's like some kind of medieval military strap, but like... it's got all these 'trinket' momentos from battle, and it hangs off the knight's saddle like a badge of all the braggards he's bested... ugh so good.

Willow Studio said...

No advice about whether to keep blogging, but just FYI:
Yours was the first blog I ever actually read, each post from beginning to end. It is the only one I have followed since discovering it.

BTW, the bracelets of late have been eye-bogling. The one held together by two bone buttons and the three stack entirely of embroidery come pretty close to heart stopping. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I put "fa" into my computer every single day to check if you have a new post. It's like receiving a really nice gift when I find one (like a container of lactose free ice cream).

If you are dreading writing the blog, then stop. But if knowing that it makes so many people happy inspires you, I, for one, would be thrilled if you continued.

If you do stop, please do a farewell blog so your followers don't keep checking hoping…….

Anonymous said...

These comments took the words out of my mouth. It's funny to see others have my same habits with your blog.
Check in often to see what's new and read your unvarnished hilarities.
I'd have to go through withdrawal ...but I would understand. Do what's best for you.
Though I've never used Instagram, I sure would travel the earth and internet to find you.

Anvil Artifacts said...

That isn't a fun dilemma to find yourself in! Your blog would be sincerely missed by many if you stopped it. You're a powerhouse whether it's blogging or on IG or making fab things for your shop. Your fans will follow. I hope you'll do whatever makes you happiest and what best feeds your creativity. ENJOY!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ditto on what everyone has said...including stopping if its a chore and doesn't bring you joy...but I say that with fingers crossed because your blog is such a bright spot to my day - I'd be so sad not to have it to visit regularly.

Love, love, love your work. It amazes me every time and I'm not someone who even likes jewelry. And the animal videos are just the prize in the cracker jack box.

CraftyHope said...

I've been contemplating the mortality of blogs myself. But, since I can share so much more on a blog post (and I HATE typing on my phone), I'm sticking with blogging for a little bit. I do hope you stick around some here. I would totally miss you if you don't, but I completely understand your reasoning.

Thanks so much for the recommendations. I AM into fantasy, so I've saved that book as a to-read!
Wishing you all the best, no matter what you decide. I'll see you on IG either way!!

Julie P said...

I browse your blog periodically and it would be greatly missed. It is very inspirational. Now I just need to focus and put some ideas into action!

seaglassnut said...

I'm going to echo what everyone else has said, but I want to say it too! Your work has inspired me when I am
sure nothing ever will again. If you leave the blogosphere I guess I'll have to learn wtf instagram is and how to use it. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent. I am forever your fan!

Unknown said...

I hadn't checked in a while but I wanted to say - yikes, I'll be bummed if you leave. Take a break - make some time for yourself and post less often but know we love you. Always have and always will. And just because they're beautiful you've got some GREAT cloth bracelets there and the necklace with the braiding at the back - - - whew, love it!

Anonymous said...

Would miss you wonderful and interesting views of the world. Always adds some sparkle( sparkle in your unique non sparkle way) to my fairly humdrum computer rambling.

Anonymous said...

Its your essence that I would miss, a picture might tell a thousand words but not the words that would come out of your mouth. Your jewelry is fantastic, bold and innovative, it could stand alone, but the blog allows us to know bit of you. Perhaps it would be easier if it was a place to put down your thoughts on whatever is happening in your head. Random insights, feelings. I will just go to etsy to see your jewelry but it is your blog that ties me to you. I think the times are scary and your blog could bring a bunch of creative sorts a place to share ideas.a place of positive innovative ideas. be it books, tv, pictures. ok yes jewelry, health.
you have a voice that people want to hear, what else is on your mind.maybe just stick it out thru the next four years.

Anonymous said...

would be so sad not to READ your blog. Love the pix and jewelry but your text is so fun and gives the reader a sense of who you are which makes the jewelry more special. Maybe I'm just old and don't have IG. haha!

belvedere beads said...

I'm reading!

Anonymous said...

I'm reading too. Love your style and your attitude.
I wonder which dog kept the stick.

Anna Elias-Cesnik said...

Please don't stop. I so look forward to reading, enjoying your work and being inspired by your determination and creativity. Thank you for sharing your life with complete strangers!

Unknown said...

ok, ironically i am here reading after you have raised the yes or no question to blogging. i suffered that dilemma maybe two or three years ago now, and people STILL whimper that they wish i would get back to it, that they miss reading my words. what people don't seem to get is that writing a blog - at least a decent one, with musings and photographs and cropping and editing and links - takes waaaaaaay too much of my time. and reading it is f.r.e.e. but not for me. i pay well over 100.00 a year via typepad just to keep my blog sitting there, out of date and dusty and long ago abandoned. instagram is awesome, for so many reasons. people are supportive and generous and warm, and i've made friends with folks all OVER this wide world... friends outside of my little box, with hobbies and talents and jobs and lives completely different than my own. and there are no mean trolls. i used to receive some pretty mean spirited comments by "anonymous" readers, just because they seemed to enjoy trying to bring others down to their particular caustic level. with instagram, that has not happened a single time. i post a photo or two a day, folks leave thoughts, and i haven't spent five hours of my day writing a post that brings me no income whatsoever.
i enjoy what you have to say, and i agree with you - it can be said on instagram. but having come here this morning to read your words, following a winding path that led me from instagram to etsy and then here, i will say that i'm grateful you have taken the time out of your own precious day to share photos and thoughts on the more expansive format of a blog. my advice? do what feels right, do what does not feel like an obligation or a chore. when Ornamental started feeling that way to me 80% of the time, i knew i had to take a break... and that break turned into a void. the fact that i haven't stopped paying Typepad says that i'm still wishing i could step back in from time to time, but wishing is one thing, and doing is another altogether.
you and i share a few things in common with our art. we love the process and the story behind each piece. i see that you approach life in this regard, which is a beautiful thing. and i'm rambling. the morning is evaporating. i couldn't tell you the last time i read a blog post of any sort, or left a comment. the times, they are a changin'.
just please don't ever stop creating. you make the world a more beautiful place, which seems paramount these days. xo

Old School said...

I will follow where ever you go. But not in a creepy way.

Jessica said...

Such a beautiful blog. So, beautiful Jewelries. Its the best blog which I could follow to get new ideas about jewelry and all.

Roberta said...

I just recently ran across your blog and your creations-about 7 weeks ago-and like others I went back to check most if them out. I was looking for ideas as to how to make cab type settings from found objects, etc. Your writing, ideas, way of thinking and looking at things, how you came up with this or that, was fascinating. Being an animal lover, I enjoyed the pics n videos at the end of furry people. And, I learned. Not just how to do a thing, but jump in n do it-sometimes awesome things come about unexpectedly. If keeping up the blog takes away from time you could be creating, then it becomes secondary. On the other hand, reading about your thought processes, insights, etc, may also have had some bearing on your success. Maybe blog less frequently, or not. I guess only you can decide. I just wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed your posts, love your jewelry, and will probably check in on you, wherever you go. Nice work. Love the way you use the steel? Staple like effect to set your acrylic old art cabs.!

Fade and Remain said...

Please don't go away forever. I get that as an artist computering takes up a lot of time, but after following your blog for a long time, Instagram just seems so cold and distant. Your musings, animal gifs and Paint drawings of stuff make us feel closer to the creative process, they're literally a diary of what goes on inside the head of an incredibly talented, hilarious, kind person. Maybe that's the difference in feeling I get from blog to Instagram; blogging seems to capture more of the process and Instagram seems to capture the product. Maybe blog less? Once a week? Regardless, guess I need to get an Instagram account now!

Unknown said...

i would like to bookmark the page so i can come here again to read you