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I hope you all had decent and unstressful holidays without any family conflict. I also hope you don't have any dumb old resolutions and just do the things you want to do whenever you want to do them.Delicate black necklace, rustic handmade by fancifuldevices “Love at Night”
Love at Night
There didn't used to be resolutions when I was little. Not to sound like a grumpy old ass by saying that, which I do. I just mean it's not like some ancient tradition, it's more of a trend. And since now people realize they don't work, it's the era of the funny resolution.

“If love be blind it, best agrees with night.”
—Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

I got together with some friends and shared stories about New Year's when we were little.
Artisan necklace in dusty salmon by fancifuldevices - "John the Baptist"
John the Baptist
My friend's parents would put on the New York Times Square celebration on TV. Of course New York is an hour ahead of Chicago but the kids didn't know that. So they'd do the New York countdown all excited and then put them to bed.

This necklace is actually a remake of an earlier one that didn't sell but I think it really needed another more focal-y focal.

OK, this isn't a resolution but it's a good one:

Sterling silver hoop earrings with polymer clay art beads- “Seeking Surrender”
Seeking Surrender
I featured two of my absolute favorites from my Broken Rainbows series here with these sterling silver hoops SacredCake gifted to me.

Which brings me to my other humbug point: Christmas presents are a sucky concept, unless they're for kids under 10. Adult gift-giving is ridiculous. Unless it's a gift certificate to a store you know they love. After you've seen a two-year-old freak out over a hunk of plastic, everything else is such a let down. Not to mention how I cringe every time I have to open another well-intentioned present.
Addendum. Artisan earrings with polymer clay art beads and ancient Roman glass.  
Those are my rants. The above are a pair of earrings that I switches the lever-backs for long sterling hooks and I think they look much better.
Rustic handmade brooch in earthy pale orange- "Esemplastic"
Lots of remakes lately actually. Which I think is ok, you don't always need to get it right on the first try. Or ever. But this one was a necklace that is now a cluster brooch.
Artisan brooch with handmade rustic resin- "Naught but Love"
Naught but Love
Same with this one, which already sold so I'd call that a success. Unfortunately, I often consider success to be a sale. Not for the money but for the feeling that someone agrees with my vision, someone put their stamp of ownership on my work or something. Which is one reason why I always undercharge. But another is cuz the market seems to demand it oh well.
Victorian tribal lariat necklace - “Self Love”
Self Love
“Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin, as self-neglecting.”

—Shakespeare, Henry V
Ladies, heed the quote. Especially the voluptuous, as pictured.

I like how the beads are perfectly graduated but also have a thrown-together look.
Mixed media necklace with resin pendant and chrome diopside beads - “A Conversation in the Garden”
Holy crap I listed this with the wrong name
Still using up my inviciti bezels. Here I put a shank through the top hole in one then a twirled ring through the shank. So clevah! (I say to myself in case no one else does.)

"Death is not an event in life: we do not live to experience death. If we take eternity to mean not infinite temporal duration but timelessness, then eternal life belongs to those who live in the present. Our life has no end in the way in which our visual field has no limits.”
― Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

I meant to call it Eternal Life or something. I love the quote.
Golden lariat rustic art necklace by fancifuldevices  “Earthly Delights”
Earthly Delights
It took me a while to create this post so meanwhile many of these have sold, sorry.

Double shrine lariat. I learned from this piece that Myrrh melts in high heat so no summertime dashboards for you.

I've been getting into Instagram much more. I'm getting addicted to the immediacy of it. The immediate little comments, as short as they are, are a nice reward. Getting to write a tiny snippet mixing maybe a description of the item with my general sarcastic nonsense.

Oops, only now realized I wrote "the black" and forgot to add "cords". Crap. And that's the bad side of immediacy. Sound just as dumb as you do talking. Plus for some reason iPad cameras are horrible, quite contrary to amazing iPhone ones. I'd do much more WIP posts if not for that. The above are in fact the best pix I've managed on it by far.
Rustic resin inspiration kit- bead soup junk lot assortment- Beige Lover’s Eye
Beige Lover’s Eye 
“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”
~Pablo Picasso
Rustic resin inspiration kit- bead soup junk lot assortment- Red Lips
Red Lips
“Learning never exhausts the mind.”
~Leonardo da Vinci
Rustic resin inspiration kit- bead soup junk lot assortment- Red Lips Bracelet
Red Lips Bracelet
“Sometimes it’s not enough to know what things mean, sometimes you have to know what things don’t mean.”
― Bob Dylan
Orange bracelet inspiration kit- bead soup junk lot assortment
Orange bracelet inspiration kit
So yeah, as you can see a bunch more kits. Good lord it's nice to clean house!
Rustic resin inspiration kit- bead soup junk lot assortment- Mother and Child
Mother and Child
This has been helping me psychologically too. I haven't felt oversupply panic or oppressed by projects since I started making these. Yay!
Rustic resin inspiration kit- bead soup junk lot assortment- silver
Plus the ladies seem to like them.
Rustic resin inspiration kit- bead soup junk lot assortment- Pink Lips
Pink Lips 
What do you guys think of these asymmetrical lips? I think they'd look good like the doodle, right, but I only made one hole. But I already took the pics! Ugh life is hard.
Altered mop earring pairs with floral decals and crackles, double sided.
earring pair
I made another altered MOP earring pair. with leetle nail decals.

I'm going to Uruguay in March so for cousin gifts I just took a bunch of my beads and made some bauble earrings. Easy peasy. Ugh I don't know maybe I should make then so each bead is at a different length so they're a bit less clustered. Crap. I might have to.

Look at all the goodies InLumina sent me!!! All her handmade work!! She used to be RomAntiqueSoul. That is a real pinecone she electroformed up there!!! Also does anyone have anything the exact shape of that wide down-pointing triangle bezel lower left? I'll think of something I'm sure but meanwhile. Just in case you have something.
Look at these enameled earring hoops! Eep! and the handmade and vintage glass pins. And here's a cut-out feather. I'm crazy about the handmade findings. The bar chain makes me drool.

And a bunch of labradorite that my little niece tried to get me to give her over christmas. And this seashell with these goodies glued in as some kind of ornament? I popped out the left pearl flower cuz it was way out and low, making the whole thing wonky. Re-glued it closer. I think I'll add a resin layer. When will I bring out the resin again? It'll be a while.

Oh and these! So she made them but they were a but plain. Maybe these smeary sides were supposed to be the front but they looked a bit rushed. So I took the side I liked and added- you guessed it- tiny nail decals. Which is why I had them out to play with the MOP connectors. I think they look awesome. Look at the tiny eyelets she added to the top pair- squeee!  I could make them into earrings for cousins?

Oh I finally took a picture of the gorgeous bits Suzy Frank sent me. Those drops are all double-side of course. Very dimensional and cool.
Right now I'm nursing my poor uterus. Bad month. I keep thinking that so short ago this was a taboo subject even though PMS runs my life. So now I will tell strangers on the street, "I have crazy PMS right now please pity me!!!!" whereas before, what? I'd just be a mess with no excuse? When I'm already such a mess? I'd say, "female troubles" even though my period hadn't started so I'd feel like I was lying? I guess they still are female troubles.
In Uruguay people say "I'm sick," as in, "I can't go swimming, I'm sick"- and it's fucking understood! Or at least they did when I was younger. I'd be like "But what do you have?" and they'd be like "I'm sick." And I'd be like "But what are you sick with?" and they'd be like "I'm sick!"
Ah, cross-cultural fun! Still is extremely taboo in Latin America. Pisses me off.
Palate cleanser. Here's the funniest panda you or anyone has ever seen.

Wait for it.


Autena said...

Those nail decals are just so sweet. And the resin lips with the (faux) diamond "piercing" remind me of Kim Kardashian (am I allowed to mention that name on your blog?). Eek! Spellcheck corrected my spelling of her name...

Sarah said...

Dankjewel voor het delen, prachtig!

Hella said...

Considering whether to continue blogging…? Seriously?? I check your blog at least a few times a week. Don’t mind to read it over and over again and I always hope you posted new stuff. Love to look at your beautiful jewelry, read your funny stories or personal remarks and try out some of those surprising techniques. I share your sense of humor but not your courage to write down whatever you want in whatever words you choose. Own a piece of fanciful devices jewelry and a few tutorials. Looking forward to that inspiring (photo) book I hope you’re going to write… :) Bottom line: I would miss your fascinating blog.

Hella said...

Sunday morning. Fancifuldevices blog and a cup of coffee... See?
Am I alone here...? I cannot imagine!

Milo Anderson said...

My goodness! This is pure love!! Absolutely mesmerizingly fascinating. I love this antique jewelry!! Any chance of being able to get these somehow??

Unknown said...

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