A Real Post for a Change.

Howdy strangers. OK, a real post with an actual new batch of things. Can I just say I'm not the most brilliant to send shit to be photoed by not-me right as the holidays fell upon us? So I thought "Fuck it, I can do this." And took the following pictographicals, at which point seeing all the little detail and depth disappear broke my heart all over again fucking Chicago light blah blah blah you're tired of hearing it I know.
 Someone asked if I ever used mica for these pendants, so I did.
I freaking love this matchbook label. c a n y o u e v e n s e e i t ? ? ?
Just imagine each of these beads as softly textured, impossibly detailed and subtle and also calling your name.
And that pizza-bearing unicorns were flying out of each one and hitting you with a soulgasm that could bring about world peace.
 Look, side view.
 And that you could see the antique paper details in this resin-coated photo with its crackles and stains.
 And that Ms. Perkinson's boobs were actually poking your eye out.
 Look- this is an air-dry clay cab Anvil sent that I painted and put under a little jar cap.
I even like the back tin.

Now check out a hamster wheel for dogs.
Hamster wheel for dogs

Hold on, we have way more to go. 
 How're y'all doing any fucking way? I feel like I haven't seen my bitches in too long. As you can see I'm making smaller, more delicate neck stuff.
 Also these earrings are a re-make just cuz.
 Fluorite (which is the most counterintuitive way to spell anything).
Sorta scalloped hoops. What else?
 Gold leafed druzy with brass wire knot... beads? and asymmetrical dangles I finally realized could be paired. I feel like I should be telling you some news but... I went to Virginia to see Father-in-law (or as my Mexican students so adorably thought: 'Father-in-love'.) It was good to see him with his new(ish) lady and their horrifically over-fed old pooch, well loved and taken care of.
Wow, was that ever mundane and uninteresting. Guess that's why I don't chat more about my lack of a life.
 Here's a big fat cuff.
With a buncha blur so you can't see my veiny wrist. Which only became veiny because of the injections the doc gave me when I was in Carpal Tunnel hell and then it turns out that stuff in the shot, like, eats subdermal fat near the injection site. For a while the look of my inner wrist reminded me of the dude's rotten veins in Requiem for a Dream, remember that? Fun times.

This is a thick-ass escutcheon which I took 5 years to hammer into a curve. And now I can't figure out how to photo, my plight with all bracelets...

I broke a bit here while hammering, then sort of fixed it with solder, lots of deremel shaping and oxidizing and now you can't even tell. Yay me.
Oh and I think I'll do a cybermonday sale tomorrow with code FIFTEEN for 15% off .
Just now I meant to write "It's dinner time" and instead wrote "It's hammer time."
Can't touch this I guess.


beadybaby said...


fanciful devices said...

omg- just the other day i was remembering (and, yes, practicing) the zorro snap in Z formation!!!

StaroftheEast said...

Very pretty things, Marina.

Beatnheart said...

Just about spewed coffee all over the ipad when i saw lil hamster drag that carrot away...

I am on the throws of my holiday depression which starts at hollow ween and blissfilly ends on january 1st...

My college class is nearly over which is good and bad... The class was shall i say too structured and i feel i didn't learn enough new techniques but how to draw or try to draw as i don't really draw pictures of things to make or make paper models of stuff or write recipes of how to make stuff while actually not making stuff...i wanted to learn how to set stones and fold form or etch... You know useful stuff... But if anyone wants a 3 d model of a hollow ring i can show you 10 examples of that... But i'll miss that awesome studio full of tools and machines that i never learned to use or even find out what they do but i can saw like a maniac and found out how much i hate to saw and hope i never have to do it much again.

donna said...

I hear ya! I was temporarily stuck in the land of permanent winter (Oregon lol, I know, I know) for seven long, dark, cold, and wet years. I am finally HOME in SO CAL. Yep, they did leave the lights on for me.....

I have a guest room! ;)
Donna (oh, and it was sunny and 70 yesterday...squeal!)

neshuma said...

Girlfrien', you've attained a new level of designirvana with those necklaces. They are unbelievably beautiful. Imna study them for quite
some time...

Lynn St. Over said...

MR, I want want WANT and need need NEED (oh, how I want and need) to buy another piece of your badassery to add to my FancifulDevices drawer. My goal is to own so many of your beautiful pieces of jewelry that one drawer alone won't accommodate it all. The FancifulDevices drawer has eight pieces inside, and my other five pieces are busy right now. While the drawer looks nice with all those exquisite things inside it (plus, I decorated the bottom using the pretty things you wrap my jewelry in and made it an awesome looking liner of sorts), 13 pieces aren't near enough and I'm needing more. MORE. NOW, PLEASE.

P.S. I feel like the king of planet Earth when I wear the jewelry you made and I never wear anything not made by you.

Louise said...

Just beautiful, everything! :) xx