I decided to have a 25% sale in the shop, thought I'd let me ladies know. Too dark and stormy for pix today but tomorrow I hope. On the plus side, I shaved my legs yew guise! And forced Mr. Devices to feel them before he had both feet through the door. I'm so proud. To share in the smooth experience, reach out and touch your screen. DO IT!
oh yeah, the coupon in TWENTYFIVE. Remember you have to click 'Apply coupon code' right under 'How you'll pay' in your cart.  Otherwise I can't give you the discount. I know, broken record much?
Ninja datschund:
 Except for the bit where you just see waggy tail. That's not very ninja.
This makes me so happy.

See Kim/Wildthorn wrote, "I miss your cute animal gifs." So that's basically my excuse to go overboard, and your screens will never load.

Also new commenter lisa mitchell wrote an epic FIVE PART comment.

Everything I read in my comments I'm like, "Das true." Then I read the opposite and I'm like "Das true too."

Then I'm like, "I'd give it all up if it meant I could cuddle an orangutan."

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