Get 'em while they're hot!
I'm not even going to add individual pictures of these. I feel like you get the idea.
Oh I finally listed these.
Invisible I. Cosmic Victorian tribal assemblage choker necklace.
Invisible I.
What took me so long? Idk, feels hella weird to list something you made 2 years ago.
Lights. Cosmic rustic iridescent assemblage collar necklace.
Also having lived with them for a long time and featured them in a book, they feel extra important, like they're imbued with so much more of my energy than other things.
Well, that made for a short post, hu?
 Have a picture of my mom's cat looking all seductive.
 And my dog, happy and goofy as always.
And of course, some gifs.
What a lot of ginger cat. Have some geko.

Random things that made me laugh:

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— 
I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference.“
-Robert Frost
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Tumblr, the gift that keeps on giving.

(PS, I'm obsessed with the show Sense8 on Netflix. In case you were looking for your next binge. OMGsogood. Also I just got avocado coconut ice cream from Whole Paycheck. They were having a deal. Yum. Also, my workouts have been going really good! I can punch myself in the abs now and get this flat sound where before a light slap would get a "boi-oi-oing." So that's new. Though I tried to lift a kettle bell the other day, the smallest they had, and I almost died. Just sharing.)


neshuma said...

Wait a minute. I need to climb back into my chair after seeing the words {horse dong} here. Also, I'm *so* totally in love w/ that pygmy marmoset...

RomAntiqueSoul said...

Love the earrings of course, LMAO at the essay extension, I truly didn't see it until I read it a second time.

Sens8 is like a fuckin' drug...I can't stop watching that show, even when I have a ton to do...

I think I'm trying to catch up on year of never watching TV...
Random, but I gotta a free class at this Orange Theory thing for working out...today...so wish me luck!