Shipwreckdandy is giving away this lovely tea towel made by her friend Monique of the cool new shop Sailor's Mouth.
I'm partial to this tea towel:
 The shop also has gorgeous pillow cases that I'd never lay my greasy head on. Check it out.

Leave Shipwreck a comment, like the shop, pin an item from it, blog or Facebook for chances to win.

In other news, I had to spend 24 hours in the emergency room because of an infected cat bite. Turns out cats mouths are made of poison. Here's a comparison of both hands so you can see what I mean.
And it got way more inflated before it got better. This is just the picture I texted my mom (who's a doctor) before she called me to yell, "GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM RIGHT NOW". And see that tiny dot in the middle of my hand, below the ring finger? That was the entire bite! I was messing with Blanquito and he wasn't having it. He had this huge eye booger though that I just had to get. Cuz I'm gross.
Anyways, tomorrow or so I'm coming back with a new batch of ten items so heads up.
Squirrel animated GIFSquirrel Cat animated GIF
And here's some squirrels.
Bernese Mountian Dog Squirrel animated GIFAnimals Squirrel animated GIF


Juliette said...

haha! What on earth is that squirrel digging out of that poor dog, an acorn? Geeze, you'd think his owners would bathe him more often ;)

Wow, that's crazy about your hand. Glad you are better, though. I'll get it one of these days from Lapis, I dig for his eye boogers too, and one day he's going to not have it.

I love those tea towels! xo J

Unknown said...

oh!!! I hpe you feel better. Cats are evil it seems? but you're more evil phew
can't wait for the new items!! xxxx

darlene said...

Dang! Hope you're right a rain now. xoxo