12 new pieces and otters.

Hello sweets, welcome to 2016. It doesn't feel a bit different, it never does after a certain age.  Tartarus. Rustic assemblage necklace with druzy amethyst.  
Double experiment this time, photo-wise. Tried doing all but my first, "eye-catcher" photos using my iPad. It works pretty well, and I can do any spot editing on the desktop later anyways. But as you can see here on the left, the images are blurrier and less precise, though they have a nice moody quality.

Thalassic. Large chunky rustic assemblage lariat necklace in blues and greens.
Here's one of my final giant chunky blue/green lariats, as I'm finally seeing the bottom of my giant bluegreen bead stash. The other experiment was using this rubber placemat I ordered as my background so I could stop struggling with the paper that gets so dirty so fast. Well, I also experimented with this woven bamboo mat. As you can see on the left, it's way too visually busy and might actually cause an epileptic fit.

Anyways, turns out the rubber mat was that weird sticky rubber that attracts all the dust and lint in a 5 mile radius to itself immediately so there was still a lot of blurring out I had to do.
Azoth. Rainbow titanium quartz necklace. 
Though still not as much as with the black scrapbook paper. So.

Azoth is the essential agent of transformation in alchemy. It is the name given by ancient alchemists to Mercury, the animating spirit hidden in all matter.

Well, as you can see, I'm still all about lariats and still doing what for me is simple and minimal.
Euphonia. Rustic assemblage lariat in blue, green, and white.
Though a whole lot of color seems to have snuck in this time. Check out this one for color.

I've had a few really lovely letters lately from people telling me how following my work has affected them creatively. One lady from Greece says my tutorials and blog helped her with her OCD, which is huge. Especially in the oxidizing tute where I say that sure you might ruin some supplies but if you never ruin anything, you won't fully know and master your materials as an artist. Which I'm repeating now cuz it's so true and that I-don't-want-to-ruin-it feeling is so counter-productive. Ruin it, damn you!
Recondite. Chunky rustic assemblage necklace in golden amber brown. 
Oh check out this crocheted bead cap by shipwreckdandy! She's making textile jewelry components lately. Oh the layering makes me squee.

You guys my dog pukes almost every day and Mr. Devices won't stop fretting. Actually, as I write I can hear him making little smacking noises as he kisses Bingo downstairs. Bingo patiently puts up with it.
Gratulation. Iridescent assemblage necklace. 
I feel like I'm once again struggling with pricing. Like, I'm picking numbers out of thin air.

Soon, all numbers start to look the same and nothing makes sense any more. I want to barter for goods and services instead.
Landloper. Grey stone choker necklace. 
Look at this, three similarly shaped stone things, all different histories- found beach stone, shipwreckdandy polymer, ancient African bead. And they're all on factory-made hooks which I've used as a chain. Cuz I do what I want.
Volitfant. Delicate assemblage choker in ivory off white.
These final three chokers you see before you are the simplest things I've made in years. I quite like them!
Crepuscule. Grey stone choker necklace. 
You can hardly see anything here, the woven background is so busy.
Mellifluous. Asymmetrical assemblage earrings in seafoam green.
Some earrings, no biggie.
Sundrops. Victorian tribal assemblage earrings.
Starburst bone buttons from Teapotsandtelephones.Brume. Victorian tribal asymmetrical assemblage clip on earrings in rustic grey.
Finally, a pair of clip-ons for any unpierced lobes out there.
Of any of you are new lurkers and wonder how I connected some bit or what the material in some items is... please do ask, I love questions.

Das all for now.

cuddle otter otter
Have some otters.
otter thief steal
A late Christmas gift from me to you.


autena said...

Those linked hooks used as a chain are fantastic and the blue green beads are stunning. Sorry to hear you are running out of them.

Anvil Artifacts said...

So much wonderful new work. Your simple and minimal necklaces are pure eye candy.

Penelope said...

omg I love the simple ones and in all those boney colours too! I am such a sucker for boney colours nom nom nom.

Sooo yeah, that rubber mat is the pits! Throw it out. What I hear in this post is a bunch of stuff you're stuggling with and so I can write you privately about that instead of lecturing you here. Yes I am coming for your prices and maybe your ipad.

<3 your friendly cyberhood nag

Anonymous said...

Thx for the quip about ruining stuff and mastering your materials! A bit OCD myself and cringe when cutting something and poss destroying it……. Love reading your blog and not a fan of instagram so hope u keep writing!

Joepet said...

Wow! They are all beautiful pieces i like them a lot. I wish i could have one too.

Anonymous said...

How about a piece of slate for background? I'm thinking it would look much similar to the dark paper....:-)

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