RIP buddy.

Look at my sweet baby. This is just a week and a half before he passed, look how good he looks.

Yesterday we put my dog down (or "helped him on to the rainbow bridge" as those lovely cheeseballs  like to say) after a week-long vigil by his bed. He could no longer stand or eat and everyday his breathing got worse and more labored, he got skinnier and more mucus encrusted around his nose and eyes until we realized we weren't doing him any favors. We were able to get a house call vet to put him sleep, which I didn't know was a thing. The whole reason I didn't want him put down was cuz I didn't want his last moments to be all stressed out at the vet. It wasn't even expensive. So all you pet moms look into that when the time comes.
Anyway, all week I haven't been able to get myself to do a single thing other than chill by him and clean up his messes and dribble water into his mouth... Anyway, today I feel very relieved for him but the house is so empty. Mr. Devices- who sobbed the whole time- wants to wait and mourn or whatever, and take the opportunity to do some house fixing and maybe travel. I, on the other hand, want to go directly to the shelter and get every single scraggly, unwanted, old and smelly animal and just herd them into this place.

{Insert smooth, tasteful transition...}

Querent. Handmade choker with woven cording. Thick chunky mixed media artisan necklace
Querentone who seeks, one who questions an oracle

Today I was finally able to write up some descriptions and list these pieces that I photographed a week ago.
Golden Dawn. Handmade art necklace with rustic resin. Mixed media artisan jewelry by fancifuldevices.
Golden Dawn.
I also went back to the gym today and I looked so serious in the mirror, ugh. I left early.

I'm not sad, Bingo had a great life. Poor baby.
Love Seeks Refuge. Handmade art necklace with rustic resin. Mixed media artisan jewelry by fancifuldevices.
Love Seeks Refuge.
I just want another fuzzy creature to love. Sigh.

Oh look at the beads below. From the listing description: "I made these rutilated polymer beads by embedding golden fibers into translucent clay. After curing, a layer of liquid polymer clay was added to seal in all fibers then this layer was cured with a heat gun." So I took little balls of clay then wound some Angelina fibers over them, then rolled them in my hands for a while 'til they were all embedded in there. They're tiny.

I also made the crusty toggle.
Looking over my listings for that quote, I realize I didn't exactly proofread my descriptions cuz I'm just so uuuuugghhh. OK, Imma go do that next.
Purple Etheria. Artisan multi strand necklace with rustic resin.
Purple Etheria.
Ok, help me out guys. Which of these two pictures should be the first image? The one above or below?

The one above shows the focal more clearly but the one below better reflects the look of the necklace in action. But which one is prettier though?

Whatever, look at this crazy bracelet.
Esemplastic. Double wrap bracelet in green. Artisan handmade assemblage jewelry by fancifuldevices.
Esemplastichaving the ability to shape diverse elements or concepts into a unified whole
Ok, on the table it looks quite odd.

But when worn, you only get this or that bit at a time and I think it works. ?? Opinions welcome?

I think I have to re-make all the necklaces that included goldwork bullion cuz after fretting about it on this blog I got zero sales. Or did I over price?
Polymer clay bracelet connectors with crackle. Rustic jewelry elements, your choice of three.
Idk, whutuvr. Here's some bracelet connectors that I finished with - gasp! - a shiny top coat!

And not only that, I actually think it's an improvement on the matte ones. I knew the day would come eventually.

OK, I'm not going to add cute crap at the end, I'm worn out on that. I should probly renew my whole blog look, it's been too long. Am I over the creative hill? Yeah well it happens to all of us. I'm a ray of sunshine today.


fancylinda said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear about Bingo! I hope you are able to immerse yourself in your beads and things to keep your spirits up. I know how you feel about wanting to get another pet right away. I always think that when my cat eventually dies, I will want to get another one immediately. It's because she helps me so much with my PTSD issues and is around me all the time that I wouldn't know what to do otherwise. Anyway, as for the necklace with the purple beads, I like the top image better for the first photo. And I like the bracelet with the green beads. It is interesting just the way it is! My best wishes to you...

stregata said...

So sorry to hear about your losing Bingo. Heartfelt hugs to you. xo

Lorelei Eurto said...

so so sorry to hear about your dog. may he rest in peace!!
Lovely pieces you've been creating, as usual. I am always inspired when I come to you blog. <3

fanciful devices said...

Thank you guys so much! You're the best.

InLumina said...

Sorry for your loss, Marina. I'm sure Bingo is looking down on you from heaven (yes, I know it might be cheesy, but I like the idea of meeting all my animals again) <3

For the purple necklace, I would go with the first image, the close up one, it's prettier and yes, it's more magnetic.

CraftyHope said...

Oh honey, I'm so sorry. I know exactly what you're going though as we just had to do the same thing to my kitty on Friday. It killed me. Unlike you though, I'm not ready to full her spot just yet. We do have another cat and a couple of chickens though, so it's not so empty around our house. Sending you some hugs that you get through this.

Oh, and those bracelet connectors are really cool!

Thoughtfulhands said...

So sorry you lost your boy, hugs for you and your husband. I would also want to bring home another pet quickly, it just feels so empty.

I think the above picture should go first on the purple necklace. Love your shiny bracelet connectors and am drooling over your fiber translucent poly beads.

Loredana Kalaghchy said...

It gets easier with time - he will always be with you. Create something fanciful for him. Loredana

Cindy L said...

All of us who have been privileged enough to share our lives with a pet know how crushingly painful it is when we must make the decision that they deserve to be freed from their pain. It is a decision coming completely from our deep love and respect for them, but it sure doesn't feel like that when the time comes. How truly wonderful, though, that you were able to find a vet to help you and your pup through this transition in such a quiet, non-clinical way. While it doesn't change the end result, there must be peace in knowing you spared him fear and stress.

Reading of your loss brings to the surface the pain I'll always feel over the loss of the dogs we've had. I don't think it ever really stops hurting--we just push it back and know that we did the best thing for them.

Grief plays out differently for each of us, so, whether your next blog showcases ten new rescue pups or ten new jewelry creations (or both!), know that your loss is shared here. And thank you for making this site a gathering place where we can forgot about life's stresses and worries for a little while, and enjoy sharing what we all have in common rather than railing about our differences. You are doing a great service to humanity. (Okay, maybe I overplayed that a bit, but you know what I mean...lol) Carry on!

LaFileuse said...

I'm sending you all my love! It's always heartbreaking... Pets are the best, but their lives are short. Hugs! o/

Jody Oj said...

I've been following your site for a while and felt compelled to write you after the loss of your dear Bingo. I know how it feels to lose a furry member of the family. I've had several kitty loves. When the time came for good-byes, I've had it done here at the house. I'm so glad you mentioned mobile vets in your blog, they make all the difference. It's stressful enough at the end, as you said, without the added anxiety for all of a trip to the vet.
Loss and grief cuts deeply,especially in those of us who allow the outside world in. As an artist, I think we have to feel deeply to create. Those heightened emotions make art possible, as we breathe in the world around us. It makes living with other creatures that more delectable and that more difficult to say goodbye. Joy heightened is grief raised. My advice, for what it's worth is to echoe the words of my Mom, gone almost 8 years now, but it still stings like yesterday. Be good to yourself. Be patient with grief. It's a process to go through. There's not necessarily resolution as you muck your way through it, but there can be insight into one's self. Try not to set a time limit on grief.
Personally, I tend to dry up creatively when I'm grieving. Others find comfort in immersing themselves in anything other than sorrow. Do what feels best for you, knowing that can be fluid and can change moment to moment. My heart goes out to you.

Ann Schroeder said...

I'm so sorry about Bingo.

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