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It's so fun to zone out and play.

I've had all sorts of convos and comments lately saying how you too just started making brooches or just started making polys. Like a psychic web of makies.

Either that or y'all be jacking my style. Cuz I totally invented polymer beads and brooches.

Now I just gotta get my lazy butt to list. It's much easier than listing finished jewelry of course.

Oh here's a pendant I made with one of my big poly bell things and some amethyst.

I also fixed the dark background by painting it with dark alcohol ink so I'm not going cross-eyed trying to blur out white spots.

Here's another bell pendant with a crystal.

None too shabby... If you hang something even longer out of it, they end up looking like mushrooms. Mmmm shrooms.

Here's some stick charm/pendants. Made of sticks! and gold leaf and powders and strong sealant- Varathane it's called, used tons in polymer.

And a couple more cluster brooches. Too fun to make.

That's an archeological dig connector there in the green.

And the leetle pin and the medal is from Kathyhaul. Look at that lovely smooth background.

Jeorji of 4ophelia and NearlyLost sent some pix of her poly makings I adored:

Texturegasm! Also check out her fancy new blog
I've been trawling the ets for poly inspiration and look at all this stuff:headpins
All these from here.
This tute.
This shop makes me angry it's so good.
Handmade Polymer Clay Disc Beads - Porcelain SeriesS A L E - Handmade Rustic Polymer Clay PendantThis one's bright and lovely.
Bold Faux Turquoise, Jade, Cinnabar and Buttons NecklaceAll three of the focals on this necklace are poly!
Of course I gotta show off my girl Shipwreck's singular creations.
Polymer Clay Beads - 5 Rustic Turban Beads - Striped Cane - Extra Large - Faux Trade Beads - Grungy Vibrant Colors  Unearthed Patina NuggetsPolymer Clay Beads - 3 Rustic Crackle Beads - Grungy Soot Black Trio - Fancy Tribal Textured - Neutral Dusty Dark Glazed Clay Bead SetPolymer Clay Beads - 4 Rustic Embellished Beads - Rounds - Faceted, Illustrated, Glitter, Lilac & White - Polymer Clay BeadsPolymer Clay Beads - 4 Rustic Glazed Beads - Chunky Rondelles & Rounds - Faceted, Millefiori, Floral Illustrated, Roses - Red and WhitePolymer Clay Beads - 5 Rustic Embellished Beads - Rose Party No. 4 - Hand Illustrated Flowers, Millefiori Cane Roses - Translucent Glow
 How you know it's art is that each one is an experiment. And that's art, bitches.

Spotted square metallic strata beads in polymer with plum, pale blue and pink accentsTriangular mokume gane strata beads in polymer showing pink and turquoise distressed patternLarge square collaged strata beads in polymer with ochre, blue and gold accents
Then finally my all time fave, stillpointworks. She's my spirit animal.
Translucent striped hollow polymer pods with decayed fresco surface
Rough encrusted strata hearts in polymer with turquoise, pink, and blue accentsNugget closure in polymer with free moving 19 gauge copper wiresNeon pink and distressed black circular strata beads in polymer

And here's some really lovely bangle stack made with my tute and shared with me recently.African Sunset -  African poem inspired tribal gypsy bangles stack bracelets vintage findings, indonesian glass, silk sari, victorian buttonDesert Rose - Sahara Sting inspired tribal gypsy bangles stack bracelets antique findings, carved rose, indonesian glass, salvaged clothI adore how they're photographed.
In the comments, Betsi Goutal wrote, "How ever have you survived the past couple month without my inane adulations?" And I have to admit, it's been really hard. My needs pyramid is like: Sleep/ Food/ Ego-stroking/ Tumblr lols/ Peeing/ Pooping/ Shelter/ Cute things to cuddle:

   That's a preliminary outline. Oh and I almost forgot- lots of giant 'shrooms:


Betsi Goutal said...

LOL. Hopefully all your other commentistas have kept your ego reasonably stroked in my absense... absince... absinthe... awayness.

Thanks for all the gorgeous eye candies. Those stick charms, are those polyannas too or something else? OH! Lightbulb moment... you literally mean they are made of sticks? Like, pieces of wood? Damn girl, you're so clever.

Ok. On the subject of the needs pyramid, I must go do groceries. But then to play, dammit. I have new goodies waiting for me so I can experiment with my newly acquired Cosmis Rocks tutorial. Which does indeed rock. Cosmically.

Unknown said...

Duderina, love the sticks, I have some branches I forced into a round bracelet and wired, gold leafed, and painted about 2 years ago and the first time I wore it (after bragging to anyone who would listen about my invention) it broke into a lot of small pieces and was a bunch of small slivers hanging from tangled wire. hmmmmmph I think your sticks are a much better idea.
I also have the driftwood and branch tut, haven't made it yet, but love the concept and would love to see it in a bracelet, bet you could do a beaut. Thanks for sharing all your lovely items, it is hard not to be completely inspired by you. You are fab.

Unknown said...

omg, the bear with the mushroom and the cat, to awesome.

Unknown said...

*tears up for all the beauty...*. Thanks for teaching the bangles tut and I look forward to trying the other tuts when I get back!

Beatnheart said...

who would have ever thunk you'd be the polyqueen but look! your whole shop sidebar thingy is almost all polybeads...and of course you do it practically better than those who have invented polymer clay beads...

i love that stretched out kitten love...

my Marsh Pods are in a treasury like 2 times a week at least! I don't really even make em much anymore unless someone begs, but I keep them listed to get in the treasuries... I am now a Smith Torch slave and metal banging bitch...and looking at cabachon porn...how things change and move along...

Unknown said...

Sorry my fav girl from uruguay, your poly beads are way better than all the ones u showed us from other etsy sites! I haven't checked u out for awhile, major computer probs, kids got me an iPad so I would shut up! Had to go to Seth apters site to look u up, fanciful what? Guess it's called dementia, F that! Anyways here u are doing something else and of course your new stuff surpasses all the other losers! U are amazing, glad I found ya' again, u are inspiring and my brain needs that, aloha, Angie in hana