Put Your Hands in the Air! And Wish You Could Care a Bit Less!

Look at these.

They were what the burnt nuts were supposed to be:

I mean they're from the same batch, just cooked a 100 degrees lower. Now lets look again.

Again, and this time check out the micro-striations.

And once again just cuz I'm so proud. And it's my damned blog.
Phew. Now I'm working on a bunch inspired by ancient mosaic coral.

Made some simple earrings with my own beads. I feel like I can go simple when it's beads I made.

I also did my cosmic rocks treatment on these little amethyst bits.

Here too.

One with a cap and one on its own cuz I'm complicated and deep.

More with my beads.

This pair I couldn't for the life of me get a single shot of with the polybead and the dangly part both in focus at the same time.

Drivin' me nuts. So here you go, three pictures.

Same problem with these with chunkies by RaggedRobyn.

You guys, the other night I slept 11 hours. And if that's not enough, it's like it made my meds re-set and somehow I was going through withdrawal from them. And crying from so many feels. Just general feels of feelingness. And little things like the fact my stupid printer is broken were really overwhelming.

Anyways, it sucked. I made these because people keep asking if I can re-make those caged pearl earrings from before.

So I did.

But I added more than just pearls cuz why not. And then like here the bottoms of the cage bars I didn't make into regular ball pins, I sorta solderd them flat against the tin.

I made these grey green ones too.

They are large.

These are small. I tried to get clever with them so I wouldn't have to punch holes in the caps cuz they're kinda thick and it's a pain... and ended up way complicating my life and making it 10x harder. But you know me. I'm an artist, which means I'm trying different shit alla time.

Like putting thin plastic sheeting in my printer which wraps itself so tightly around the inner-most roller that none of my fiddly skills cal get it out, thus rendering the printer useless.

Oh I had a cool crystal and base and I brought them together with some epoxy putty.

Which I darkened a touch with alcohol ink.

And re-took photos of a ring that disappeared in my listings somehow. 

Even though people think these are too tall, I still like them.

Another necklace inspired by my cluster brooches.

That's right, I inspire my own self. (I guess I should say "in the same vein as..")

But here's something different. I made these collections of earring pairs to destash.Shoreline. Set of 31 bead pairs
I've always treated beads as more special when I only have the two. I thought some of y'all might like that too.

Muted. Set of 25 bead pairs
Muted. Set of 25 bead pairs (lots of bead cap pairs here)
You always end up with these huge strands of beads with no idea what to do with them...

Ocean-Faring . Set of 24 bead pairs
So I went through the trouble of getting these together and taking pix so yeah. They're up now you can click the titles.

Secrets. Set of 19 bead pairs
You guys, I'm going to Uruguay in 2 weeks! Mr. Devices and I are so not mentally prepared. You know how you have to mentally prepare for shit? Like picture it and anticipate it? I'm just not good with transitions or anything that takes me out of my little house and little life.... And little internet...

Embers. Set of 25 bead pairs

Gotta go take care of Chiquita who's alone at Mom's this weekend because they went to Wisconsin with just the young, sexy cat. They're age-ist. Actually, Chiquita hates to go and yowls the whole way in the car. 
The 10 Funniest Cat GIFs Of The Week Gonna go over, jump in that couch and watch some Dr.Who on netflix. Can't do it while the 'rents are there cuz Dad just makes fun of it. :-(


Beatnheart said...

i love all your stuff but gotta say I musta watched that darling lil cat about a zillion times...

Gail Taylor said...

OMG!!! I was just checking my emails and thought I would check out your blog. YOU have outDONE yourself this round Duderina. I am not kidding, the nuts are gorgeous, but so is the new jewelery. Absolutely awesomeness. I watched Dr who for years, but somehow started missing all the old Dr Who's. I know what you mean about the trip, I am the same way. I would rather be home than anywhere else, but you have to go get your Eurostash to keep making all the fab things. I am in love with your new lot. How long away? We will have no blog to read, omg.
That will be awful. Don't go too long please.

Anonymous said...

Love those caged bead earrings, they're da bomb! Check your links to both your shop and the bead pairs because when I click them....I am going nowhere. Story of my life, but just check it. Safe travels and go with the flow.

Anvil Artifacts said...

Eye candy galore! Yummy. Hope you have a great trip and come home loaded up with lots of fabulous new Uruhaul.

betweenreader said...

Hey! It's the dog that's darling, oh the patience, the forbearance, the tolerance. Only a dog can do that.

And the jewelry is knock-down, drag-out, gawjus!

Lela said...

Love your poly beads... I was having fun with it too until I couldn't figure out how to seal them without some of them becoming a tad sticky. Are you sealing yours? Also, I'm sending you a note on etsy about that whole depth of field issue with the camera.

Love all the new stuff!