Sicks and tutes and things and stuff.

So yeah I got sick AGAIN. But I've also been away because I've been working on a -gasp- tute! Fo' realz. Check it:
These are supposed to be earring pairs but when I started thinking about the cover pic, I was wondering about making some really extravagant necklaces sorta how the Cosmic Rocks projects were all presented in necklace form on the cover page for some eye-grabbage.
Here I was even considering a sorta center piece for all the charms to be connected to. But now I'm not loving it, idk. 
I've also got a new baby in the studio:
 That's a real-life grown-up flex shaft, thank you AnvilArtifacts for helping with the purchase.
 It's a trillion times stronger than a dremel and I've been using it to flatten the backs of some Uruguayan geodes that had such huge asses, they'd have just plopped on to their sides if worn in necklaces.
It cut through them like butter... really crazy hard butter.

It still took several times longer than I'd have wished and I tore through a couple bits but that's to be expected.
I've taken a few extra minutes to make some little earrings:
Lots of special bits from all over.
 Another pair with these tiny number plaques.
 The last of these with RaggedRobyn beads. In this case very simple ear wires with soldering.
And a little pendant with matchbox label and mica.
And as usual I have a ton of half-made things floating around and more ideas than I can ever even begin to hope to turn into reality... 
Plus I need another work table in my life, mine's way too crowded. Anyone wanna bring a table over to my house and just put it into my studio for me? Blah, y'all useless!
Oh but not that useless as I've gotten some ideas on tute names here and in convos. Thanks to commenter Cindy L and etsybud Claudia I'm thinking something along the lines of "Starry Shards: Iridescent Soldered Beach Glass Charms, a PDF Tutorial."
*jumps around in glee*
Finally- I command you to run over to Shipwreckdandy's blog and enter her necklace giveaway in support of a friend's new shop. What a great friend.


darlene said...

i love my foredom! I'm sure you'll have some great times together. xoxo

Cindy L said...

Marina, how exciting to have helped you in whatever small way to zero in on a title for your next tutorial!

As artistic people, we connect on such a visceral level with our creations, so they need the right name. We'll all be here waiting for the unveiling! ;)

Anvil Artifacts said...

That flex shaft will change your life! Lol. So glad that you're loving it and that my input was helpful. Working on a sparkly new tute when you aren't flattening rocks, eh? Sounds like tons-o-fun. Hahahaha

RomAntiqueSoul said...

You got a Flex Shaft!!! Yay! I LOVE THAT THING...Since I started taking jewelry courses and using it for making my silver shapes better, it has made my life TENFOLDS better! Congrats!
I love the charms you made, but I agree...I'm not sold on the connector above them...
Love the earrings as always!