Final Giveaway, etc.

I've been in a zone these last few days, achieving very little and completely unmotivated. I guess that's ok, I've been such a making machine in the past. I'm actually trying to gently tweak my meds to get back a bit of drive though, no one can feel good about themselves after three days straight of just ipad fan fiction bingeing, right?

So anyways, final givaway necklace goes to my dear friend Beatnheart! No I'm not cheating, it's just that my friends were the ones that contributed, ya know?
 I also wanted to mention that when I posted my little video mini tute, beatnheart commented, "My darling girl speaks!!! And she has messed up hands and nails just like me... And it looks like she uses Ace hardware pliers with a broken spring too! So neat to see that you are a mere mortal..."
Oh my god, how can you not fall in love with her? By the way, those broken Ace hardware pliers are my all time favorites, so yeah. Also, I thought we all agreed to pretend I have perfectly manicured fingertips and never mention it again?

Here's some very random stuff on my work table:

I just thought I should share a photo cuz that's what you come here for and all.

Had fun the other day making a bunch of chain that still needs oxing. Practically broke my hands on that 14 gauge steel though. That was not as fun. Though it's also the results I liked the most, dagnabit.
Here's a bracelet I'm working on. I need to ox everything for the colors to blend and also that one double ring doo-hickey by the hook clasp, I have some glass balls I can fill those indents with, though they got covered in oil lubricant that spilled so I need to wash them but they're tiny clear glass which yeah not fun to wash but so I got a mesh strainer just for that and so but now I can't find it anywhere so but could I actually have thrown it away just as soon as I purchased it for some friggin reason?
Am I proud of that run-on sentence? Yes. Yes I am.
Look at this lovely little loveliness that one of you guys sent me a while ago. Now I forget who, damnit. She said these beads were inspired by my Starry Shards tute- the blue green iridescence, see? Though actually it's lampwork and that shit is waaaay above my paygrade so I certainly can't take any credit.
I'm also helping an etsy bud whose first language isn't English to write her very first tute! I'm really enjoying it, it's reminding me of my ol' ESL days, correcting essays back in San Francisco when I taught more advanced students.
Couple new listings:
Order and Harmony. Rustic assemblage art earrings with white enameled plaques. 36/23Order and Harmony. Rustic assemblage art earrings with white enameled plaques. 40/41
                 36/23                                       40/41            
What else? Oh yeah, Black/Cyber Friday/Monday ridiculousness coming up. So yeah I'm getting in on that mess I guess. Starting Friday, click "Apply coupon code" under "How you'll pay" in your cart for and enter SALE20 for 20% off any item including items already on sale! (But excluding tutorials you gaiz!)
I'm gonna have to add "BLACK FRIDAY 20% SALE" to all my stupid listings, dagnabit. 
Have a good you-know-what.


Vintajia Adornments said...

Cool chain! (Wish I could get the soldering dragon under control)

Juliette Williams said...

Gaaah! That gif freaked me out!! Ha.

Love your chains. Wow. That's my focus right now (well, that and beefing up the Etsy store).


Alessandra Fryzel said...

Love the bracelet...super awesome, can't wait to see it finished...and...that picture reminds me why I'm a vegan...:-/

Beatnheart said...

Aw shucks!!!
yip yip for me ...a Fanciful treasure....thank you so much...I was happy to contribute to someone's recovery....it could happen to anyone of us...so we must stand together when tough times roll through......

i 'll be sending you my address...xx bh

Sparrow said...

zomg DEM CHAINS 0_0

Motivation comes and goes, just depends on what the inner part of us is looking for at any given time. *is totes wise*

Lisa Jo Perdue said...

Oh, I want to know what fanfic you like to read!