Doin' ma thang

I made a poop-load of riveted bangles:
And I've divided them up into sets of three by size.
I've just been too lazy to take proper pictures and list.
And with the snow-stormy weather, the light hasn't been motivating me either.
But I've been busy making away as always. Here's this big chunky necklace:

Here's this cool-ass bracelet with a big shimmery piece of Roman glass which looks to once have been the edge of a bottle base:
I finally figured out a way to finish this cuff that's actually functional and attractive:

Though it still needs a touch of oxidizing along with like a million other bits of wrist candy I have waiting to go:

And these too.
I've been super busy taking care of these fools:
While my parents are off visiting Uruguay with my sister and bro-in-law who are taking the kids there for the very first time. They're getting to know all their new cousins:
And some new fuzzy relatives as well:
And you can thank my mom for that big ol' finger there as well.
Now it's time to catch up on some gifs:


Unknown said...

What wonderful new things! I love the riveted bangles and the roman glass bracelet.
Inspiring stuff.

Mavis said...

Pretty please make a riveted bangle tutorial.

CraftyHope said...

Oh those riveted bangles are awesome!! Here's hoping the winter blues don't keep you down long. Oh, and the gifs. . .that one with the bird, just work my husband up so he could see it too. So funny!