So Cold.

Welcome to the arctic midwest where all water is a solid and penguins roam the land...
Chunky Babies. Rough faceted polymer beads in green with iridescence. Large hole, chunky. 6 graduated/3 earring pairs.
Chunky Babies.
Played with some poly to test out some ideas.
Little Chunky Babies. Pink and green chunky faceted polymer beads. Graduated set of 7.
Little Chunky Babies.
A bit of tinted liquid poly over these pink guys. came out waaaaay too pink. I think I need to try liquid Kato, the liquid sculpey is way too milky. Though I wonder how they'll act mixed together? Hmmm...
Sparkle Babies. Greenish iridescent polymer art beads- three earring pairs with facets and grungy texture.
Sparkle Babies.
Yeah iridescence and chunky facets, we've seen this before Marina... but wait!
Grandma Grunge.
Suddenly in the horizon appear the wackiest set of polys ever! Tensha decals for glass and ceramic beads used with polymer, made frosty with liquid poly and grungy with facets and paint. Oh yeah.
Grandma Grunge. Rough, chunky artisan polymer beads with faceting and floral decal in grungy white and pink.
Grandma Grunge.
Look at this wack-a-doo set. I kinda love it. Would you use these together? There could be like thin chain between each element... a few white beads...
Oh, ok so see the one above that looks like it has a core? Well, that's actually an eyelet I used to cover up the fact that the hole was a mess. I'd used a toothpick to make holes on these and just decided to cook them on there and the really big beads the polymer was like infused into the wood and those damned toothpicks wouldn't come out so I had to re-drill the holes. Well, turns out a drill would much rather go through soft poly than stiff wood, thus causing destruction and other hilarity to ensue. Here:
I was able to save this one you see in the middle but the last one was a disaster. You can even see the green scrap clay I'd used as a core bead there. I was psyched for this set because of the dramatic graduation. Oh well. This is why it's experiments. And that's another thing! If they're not experiments, I get super bored. If I know what I'm doing, I don't want to do it. And when they are experiments, I don't mind so much selling them at a price which maybe makes me earn far less than minimum wage...

Tiger Tea. Reclaimed tin cuff with Roman glass buttons.
Tiger Tea.
The rest of today's stuff I think I've shown already but they're actually listed and shit now.Daydreamer. Chunky purple rustic assemblage bracelet in shades of purple.
Playing with some of my polys that I kept for myself.
A Daytime Moon. Chunky rustic assemblage bracelet with Roman glass.
A Daytime Moon.
Aw man one of those green faceted ones would've been perfect in here but I hadn't made them yet when I made this oh well.
Bricolage 1. Riveted tin bangles. Set of three. Salvaged colorful vintage.
Bricolage 1.
OK, so someone commented begging for a tute for these bangles but...
Bricolage 2. Riveted tin bangles. Set of three. Salvaged colorful vintage.
Bricolage 2.
Aren't they self-evident? Like, cut strips, rivet together measuring to make sure they're the right total length for a bracelet... taking rivet overlap into account....
Bricolage 3. Riveted tin bangles. Set of three. Salvaged colorful vintage.
Bricolage 3.
Sorta re-cut any that are too wildly mis-matched in width from whoever they're riveted to... sand, hammer if you want, oxidize and seal? And I got inexpensive rivets and they were kinda longish so I smooshed them apart in back with just pliers before hammering and then sanded to make sure it wasn't scratchy on the wrist. Eh? Questions? Mostly it's about collecting the tins I think, and I can't help you with that. Other than to say, "Go forth and collect tin my pretties!"
[Yeah so a while back someone asked which fanfiction I read. So ... yeah. Um, Sherlock? And it's super gayporn-y? And my parents read this blog so, um.... yeah. (I found some Thor/Loki ones that were SO pervy and hot, omg! But this is not the place! Inappropriate!! Lets just forget this paragraph ever happened.)]
Finally, can I re- post this gif because I think more people should have responded to the wonder that it actually is:
OK? Do you see that? Do you see what's happening there?


Anneenomouse said...

Oooo I am seeing your work on the beads with poly & wonder if you have Apoxie Sculpt Clay now to rescue that one bead with the hole drilled issue. I haven't done much with ASC but I'm betting in your hands this stuff would find many uses. I really like how rock hard it dries at room temperature.

Bell Lane Studio said...

I see what's happening and it's totally awesome. As well as your creations.

Gail Taylor said...

Hello Dear Marina, just checked in and as usual, your work inspired my soul. Now, this gorgeous creature is so fantabulus that it sets me to wonder about this world of ours and how so may peeps don't realize the intelligence or depth of soul animals (mammals )have. I love tne lesson the Baluga is teaching the children and the side look as she swims away is priceless. I don't know if it is a young baluga saying nanny nanny nanny, or an older one scolding them. Either way the intelligence is evident and someone needs to learn manners, the whale is giving us all a lesson I guess. Love it, thanks for posting it.

Alessandra Fryzel said...

Love the decals, I think I'm going to get some...my hubby and and I plan to start making ceramic beads and throwing them on Etsy for fun...we got a mini kiln, so I can experiment with a bunch of different stuff...thanks for the neat idea!
Love the glass bracelet with the ancient bead! Keep up the good work and thanks for the inspirations as always!

Lisa Jo said...

You know I think that may have been me that asked about the fanfiction. And I have been down that rabbit hole of Sherlock fiction. And Avengers. So yeah, i totally get it.

I really love your stuff. All of it. It's like I study it. Nuts.

fanciful devices said...

Lol. Lisa. I think I spent all of 2014 deep in that rabbit hole. sigh. feels porn. oh and also porn porn.

Lisa Jo said...

I'm pretty sure I lost a year in fanfic between season 1and 2 of the series. Honestly it's an addiction. I've even made jewelry sorta based on fanfic I've read! Craziness.