I'm rather proud of the names on this batch of makies, so I'mma add them and the definitions cuz I do what I want.
Mangata. Silver and grey victorian tribal rustic assemblage bracelet with art beads.
Mangata- (Swedish) The glimmering, path-like reflection that the moon creates in water.
Soanyways, I did it. I succumbed to peer pressure and got my ass on Instagram. People have been shifting away from blogging for some time now and it makes sense since social networking sites are less effort.
Ya'aburnee. Rustic assemblage bracelet with large coin.
Ya'aburnee -(Arabic) Both morbid and beautiful, this literally translates to, "you bury me," a declaration of hope that you'll die before your loved one because life without them would be unbearable.
 Anywho go troll me @fancifuldevices there you want. Now Imma hafta do one of those sidebars you see with: here's my tumblr/ pinterest/ instagram/ facebook/ flickr/ blog/ etsy/ eharmony/ grindr/ bankaccountpassword/ etc.
Litost. Victorian tribal rustic assemblage bracelet in black and silver.
Litost- (Czech) A feeling that synthesizes grief, sympathy, remorse and longing.
Haven't updated my sidebars in years, ugh. Lazy.
Toska. Chunky rustic assemblage necklace with druzy amethyst, tourmaline and archeological find. Violet lavender lilac.
Toska -(Russian) a spiritual anguish, a restless longing.
Too busy getting things done to get anything done.
Saudade. Red rustic assemblage earrings with artisan elements.
Saudade-(Portuguese) Melancholic longing or nostalgia for a far away something that is lost to you.
Look at these sticks by 4Ophelia! Look upon them and tremble!
Cafune. Rustic brick terra cotta asymmetrical assemblage earrings with artisan beads and elements.
Cafune- (Brazilian) Tenderly running your fingers through a lover's hair.

Here's another, tremble at its asymmetrical magesty!
Duende. Rustic assemblage earring hoops with baltic amber, citrine and religious medal.
Duende- (Spanish) Spirit. Originally used to describe the mythical entity that possesses humans and creates the feeling of awe, it has transitioned to mean the mysterious power that a work of art has to deeply move us.
Also of note, I've actually started watermarking my pictures like a big girl. Idk, now that this stuff's gonna be loose all over the interwebs... Cuz Instagram has this feature wherein you can automatically update the pix to your flickr, tumblr and facebook as well. So those abandoned accounts will be seeing some action.
Darkest Night. Rustic assemblage earrings with onyx and buttons in black.
Darkest Night. I remade these to include these lovely buttons.
It's all too much to keep up with. I'm exhausted just typing these words out. Once you turn 35, any new technology is like "Thar be dragons!"
I gotta go cuz--


Sharon Driscoll said...

Oh weeeee - eye candy! Love the earrings and being of Russian heritage those really appeal to me in more ways than one. New technology - ugh - I am not worthy.

Sharon Driscoll said...

Uh dur, the eyes are going too - Necklace not earrings.

Anonymous said...

> Too busy getting things done to get anything done.

Oh, yeah! Beautiful work. Keep making and doing.

Rebecca S. said...

I love these titles! It really points to the absences in naming such beautiful and nuanced states in our language. It also seems to underline a certain lack of poetry in our thinking. I am sure we have complex words. But do we have words that address sad/contradictory/longing experiences like this?

By the way I wrote this comment twice, but my phone ate the other remark I wrote a few days ago (and which was probably completely different). As one of your other fans wrote once: Stupid smart phone!

As ever, I am looking forward to your next treat of beauty and brilliance!

betweenreader said...

Makies from Paradise! All of them. My eyeballs are rolling about in ecstasy!