I just meant that I'd take a month off maybe! I didn't realize I was being elusive or making y'all worry. I was just going to take some time off so I didn't feel obligated to blog because recently I don't feel like I have much to say for myself. Also I didn't know if blogs were even still popular these days. But really I think I'll just blog a bit less.
Though while I'm here...

I made some stuff, surprise surprise.

More bracelets.

This abalone I flex-shafted the back of to give it a concavity so that it would sit nicely against a wrist.

Here's a necklace with byzantine chain mail or chainmaille or whatever you call it.

And carved French jet stone and a horn and an archeological dig find...

Some earrings which are just slightly asymmetrical, like I like to do.

But I have nothing to say about them. So like, you might as well see the pix on etsy or on Instagram or what have you.

Yah or nah?

The second and very last pair of these ever!
And these which I have nothing to say about except look! I made these!(via togifs:video)
I'm not going anywhere though guys. 
I'll be chilling like this cool guy here.


RomAntiqueSoul said...

yay! you're still gonna blog! Thanks for clearing up the confusion...I love looking at your pictures, pure eye candy, listening to your stories is fun too, but I totally understand...I'm not a great blogger, so I tend to do it once or twice a month...so you not blogging as often will force me to get an Instagram account, which I've been lazy about, so thank you! See you on there ;-)

CraftyHope said...

I figured it was just a break, but am glad you clarified that. All the best!!

Unknown said...

Awesome, beautiful jewelry, soooo happy u will be around, so u lIke Instagram, don't know if i said that right, I will see if I can sign up over there and try to find u! Aloha, angi in hana

Cynthia and Co. said...

so happy to hear you're not going to stop blogging - I really enjoy stopping by - your latest creations are cool as always!

Anonymous said...

You make such fascinating things! I love your blog. But who wrote the rules on how much talking a blog post had to have? I'm quite content to look at pictures w/ whatever commentary you have or don't have. FWIW on my end I'm just trying to keep my accounts minimal, rather than signing up at so many places to view different things. Do what makes you happy. Thank you for sharing your work and your process....so inspiring!

Julie Wong Sontag said...

I love that you were featured on Polymer Clay… Daily? I've already forgotten the name and I looked at it like 2 seconds ago. Artist brain. But congratulations!!

I love your blog but I know how much work it is… so I admire your dedication to it. I sort of approach my blog with a sense of dread. I think Facebook sucks my soul out and after that there's nothing left. I do love Instagram though, I really really do. I hope you'll have fun with that.

Breaks are ok. We need them sometimes. Giving yourself permission to pay attention to what you're moved by, that's a good muscle to flex.

xo -- Julie