I briefly mentioned shifting med dosages and all? Last time? My joolz-makin' mojo is back, but other than that I'm a hot mess. Groggy, and my barely-able-to-move workouts are making me almost cry.Philocaly. Golden lariat with pyrite and antique compact mirror. Victorian tribal assemblage.
Philocaly- love of beauty
So yay, work self-esteem, boo everything else esteem. That's what's up with me.

Every time I see so many people at the gym with so much strength and stamina and I know I've been working my ass off for over 9 months only to end up worse than I started... Oh my god, you know that pressure you get behind your eyes when you're about to start the water-works? That. Uuuugh.
Autolatry. Buddhist talisman meditation neckpiece.
Autolatry- self-worship

OK, whatever. Stop whining.

Here's a very important-type necklace which I hope will aid someone in meditation and self-centering.
Acatalepsy. Long rosary center earrings with torch enamel in green. Victorian tribal assemblage.
Acatalepsy- the unknowableness of all things to a certainty
Acosmism. Mary medals drop dangles with moonstone, mop, wirework. Victorian tribal assemblage.
Acosmism- disbelief in existence of eternal universe distinct from God
Baetyl. Chunky grey choker with polymer clay art beads. Victorian tribal assemblage.
Baetyl- magical or holy meteoric stone

Audience participation time.
In the comments, Cynthia asked, "When you wrap fiber (jute or hemp) how do you keep it in place?? Do you use adhesives?"
Elysium. Graduated violet rustic bracelet. Victorian tribal assemblage.
Elysium- a conception of paradise developed by Greek religious/philosophical sects and cults.
Good question. I'm going to assume you mean cording, as just loose fibers are too messy for my taste. I've tried a bit of everything but found the best method to be simply wrapping the ends tightly in wire.

Mangata (Swedish)- the path-like reflection of moonlight on water

Now I'm a bit on the the fence about jute and hemp just because it can be rough and scratchy. I've had to actually sand it in order to make it really soft. I sorta fold a piece of sandpaper around the cord and pull the whole strand through repeatedly, in both directions, feeling the cord with my fingers to check it.
Mangata. Chunky grey choker with oversized rustic vintage beads. Victorian tribal assemblage.

I've discovered a love for cotton rope cording (see image directly above) and for that I sometimes rub a small amount of wax paste into it to keep it from going fuzzy. Other than that, yeah just wire wrap the ends...
Exulansis. Stacked salmon earrings with rustic art beads. Victorian tribal assemblage.
Exulansis- n. the tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are unable to relate to it (...) which allows it to drift away from the rest of your life story, until the memory itself feels out of place, almost mythical, wandering restlessly in the fog, no longer even looking for a place to land.
-The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows
Berceuse. Triple wrap bracelet with semiprecious stones. Victorian tribal
Berceuse- a lullaby
Also, heads up, those packs of color coordinated hemp string you can get for super cheap are not made of the strong long fibers that gave hemp it's repute for durability, but rather the short fiber which breaks with the slightest pressure. 

Anyone out there have a different take on the fiber cording question? Please leave a note and I'll make mention of it in the next post. Cuz I just do whatever the frig' ...
Liquid Measure. Silver stacked Victorian tribal rustic bling grey assemblage earrings.
Liquid Measure
Bread does not nourish me, dawn disrupts me, 
all day I hunt for the liquid measure of your steps.
-Pablo Neruda
Hierophant. Bold, champaign earrings with rustic beads and refined rhinestones. Victorian tribal assemblage.
Hierophant- a person, especially a priest in ancient Greece, who interprets sacred mysteries or esoteric principles.
Oh also, if I ever want to make another tute again, which I do, I have to get a new computer (because Dropbox no longer supports this old warhorse) and the idea of that... and we have an Apple store just two train stops from here.... but it's still too overwhelming to manage. Like, I only even remember it when I'm at the computer and then it completely slips my groggy mind.

This has been another performance by Whiny Whinerson and her fabulous Whinettes!
Oh AND Beatnheart, in the comments, said she finds raccoons creepy!!!!!!!!! AS IF I'M NOT GOING THROUGH ENOUGH!!!!!!!!
Cat animated GIFCat animated GIF
So here you go, just for you Beat, all the non-creepy spun-sugar I could find!Cat Animals animated GIFCat Excuse Me animated GIF
That's a lie. It's the internet, there's more cute cat gifs than stars in the sky.
Cat Wait animated GIFCat Snow animated GIF
It's like our human collective unconscious co-owns all these fluffballs now.... That made sense in my head.
Cat Mirror animated GIFCat Fail animated GIF
But for those of you who like creepy animals, here's some monkeys:
Black And White Guitar animated GIFmonkey animated GIF
monkey animated GIF


Cynthia and Co. said...

thank you Marina for the comments on cording...I never thought of sandpaper on cord but I'll give it a try...also perhaps I'll have luck with waxing with paste.

Penelope said...

OMG monkeys are creeeepy!! There now you have more pain. For reals though, I think I am the only human on the planet who thinks monkeys are uck.

Do you have to use Dropbox? There's like a brillion file sending platforms. I'm in the process of investigating them for my Top Secret Project currently in the works, I shall let you know when I find a goodun.

Norma Conway said...

I think I see in 'mangata' a lovely bead made by your whiny self!! It looks like it to me anyway and I just wanted to tell you Marina, that your bead work goes swimmingly with other beads found in this world of ours. Really, goes good. I've been noticing that combo. of your beads and other beads in your work for awhile now and have been meaning to mention it to you. Gorgeous work you do. Makes me happy to see it.

Juliette Williams said...

Missed you, hope you're feeling better today. LOVE that triple wrap bracelet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, the monkey gifs freak me out, but the cats and raccoons? I could waste the whole day looking at them. xoxo

Skye said...

Marina, Marina, Marina... *shakes head* Never EVER rate yourself based on others! You should know this by now ;) Think of all the photos of your jewelry that you've posted over the years and said that you weren't happy with it, or you weren't sure if you were gonna leave it or tear it apart... and think of how many people commented how much they loved those pieces? The gym is the same deal... I guarantee that there are people at the gym watching you and wishing they had YOUR stamina and drive! Don't compare yourself and where you are in the scheme of things, to someone else... You are YOU and if you look back over the past year you'll see how much improvement you've made in yourself. you might not see it while AT the gym when you've hit that wall and just want to lay down and die, but I'm sure you'll notice the differences every where else. Maybe you've just pushed yourself a bit too far at the gym and need to back up a bit to something that isn't quite as debilitating? No matter how miserable you feel after the gym, know that you are someone else inspiration, just as someone else is yours ;) Don't be so hard on yourself!

RomAntiqueSoul said...

Yah...monkey not really my cup of tea...well cats? They're gods, they know...they can do no wrong and we are all at their mercy...they control us with their nonchalant charisma...who doesn't love when kitties do funny things...I dunno...maybe aliens that eat cats? O_o

If it makes you feel better I am way behind on the workout wagon and after months of giving myself a hard time on how much my belly has swollen etc, I decided not to give a crap and start working out slow...it's not a race ya know? You'll get the stamina you want back as you go...

We all go through ups and downs and you my friend, are awesome and you can do anything you set your mind into...your work shows that and speaks for itself! Much love vibes. Btw if I had the moola, I'd buy that awesome meditation necklace. <3

Rebecca S. said...

Even though this comment gotten eaten twice off of my phone (with my computer on the fritz), finding a new posting for Fanciful Devices is the ultimate treat! I can just feel my blood pressure going down and that the day will get better. Even when YOU don't feel 100% yourself, your work and words are pure delight! I had also added in some remarks along the lines of Skye: you are definitely not back where you started exercise-wise! Of course I have had the pleasure of seeing you in real life and you are an adorable tiny bundle of energy! You will get right back into it in no time...

richelle said...

I use a lot of hemp. Although I've settled on my favorite type, I've tried many, and no matter how initially scratchy or processed they are, they all benefit greatly from an initial water-soaking and then a soak with some water + fabric softener, then a good rinse. Don't dunk the whole roll--just a few feet to several yards at a time. Air dry, and at about half-dry, undo any tangles; hold one end of the strand, and with a dry towel/washcloth over your other hand, pull the strand through the towel, squeezing the strand with your thumb and index finger (you want to make sure your fingers are covered well--this creates some creepy feeling friction even through the towel.) This gets all the fibers in line nicely. Repeat the pulling a few times. When it's totally dry, you can apply wax using the same pullin-through-your-fingers-method (with no towel, though.) Go super slowly, and add wax as you go. Make sure you pull it through the same direction as before so the fibers stay lined up. If there are loose fibers, they'll nicely just come off as you do this. This whole wash/wax process makes it almost like really old, supple leather cord instead of hemp. Another benefit of pre-washing is it really brings out any weirdness, like bad dyes and processing substances, and you'll also be able to make sure there aren't any mutant knotty areas or weak spots before you use it.

Margaret Zipkin said...

There was something going on with the Moon - or Mercury in retrograde or some other such astrological nonsense. It's been making me achy and kvetchy. Maybe it's been making you whiney. Never you mind - it will soon be past and you've made some GORgeous stuff that nobody at your gym could have made in a million years.

Julie Wong Sontag said...

I am preeeeety sure that whatever you are doing at the gym is far more impressive than what I'm doing on the couch. That cat with her ass in the cat door? That's me. Just a bit stuck! I'll get moving. Your workout stories are always inspiring in that respect. Love all the new things you've made so much. Neruda is so good. xo -- julie