Who thinks it's a day for dainty earrings? Anyone?Ontosophy. Delicate rustic Victorian tribal assemblage earrings with druzy, kuchi and religious medals.
Ontosophy - knowledge of being or existence.
An almost neurotically tidy friend came to visit and told me that whenever she looks into my studio she gets a thrill, a feeling of magic messiness where anything might be found. Amazing that among that mess I am able to locate tiny things like the elements in the pair above... The medals are the size of a lentil bean.
Pansophy. Long rustic Victorian tribal assemblage earrings with Pen nibs.
Pansophy- universal knowledge.
Nibs and charms and lockets... The hat charm hung off a guitar brooch. So, guitar and hat on a brooch, kinda cheesy, right? Take it apart, mix it up and tada!
Parthenolatry. Dainty rustic Victorian tribal assemblage earrings with Mary medals.Parthenolatry - worship of the Virgin Mary.
The topmost beads here are mine. The size of, like, two stacked lentils. Maybe. Polymer is not the medium for tiny beads, you will drive yourself nuts.
Psychosophy. Rustic Victorian tribal assemblage "U" earrings. Virgin Mary medals, hammered bangle, rhinestone in silver and gold.Psychosophy- doctrine or theory of the soul.
Look at all the negative space. Something my friend Kim (@wildthorne) said once about a pair I made, that the negative space was as interesting as the earring elements themselves (Kinda how jazz is about the notes you don't play?). I think these might have that quality too. Or they just take up a lot of room without having a lot of stuff on 'em, maybe that's what it is.
Baisemain. Rustic Victorian tribal assemblage necklace. Grey lariat.
Baisemain- a kiss on the hand.
A lariat in shades of grey.

I'm obsessed with the way the stone slab and the stripedy Indonesian beads seem to be made out of the same material.
Pauciloquent. Rustic assemblage chunky choker necklace in soft greys.
Pauciloquent- Of few words, brevity of speech.
A very simple chunky choker that's all about texture. I friggin' love this thing, I don't know.

I made this for someone who sent me this amazing antique reliquary:
Here's the back:
I had to replace one of the missing smaller sections because unlike the top and bottom missing ones, this one made the whole thing unbalanced and out of wack. After trying everything, I ended up using pieces from a recycled African glass bead that I smashed with a hammer and some alcohol ink to try to replicate the color. Now that I told you that, it's obvious which one it is, but I bet you didn't notice it before.

I also made these for someone:I was about to list this guy:
When I decided I hate the two elements hanging to either side of the main horn focal. I looks cluttered. 
So Imma remove those and maybe add a layer of necklaceness going directly from the horn... But should it be cord or chain or beads? Or a combo? Back to the drawing board.

Another several weeks of the flu and med adjustments for me, but I'm good now. Maybe I'll even start to make as frantically as I used to.

Can you believe I actually got a couple convos regretting that there weren't any cute animal gifs in my last post? Well, just for that you get all raccoons this time! You got your raccoon mechanic, raccoon gardener/harpist, raccoon dentist, raccoon movie lover and raccoon... rock thief?
Raccoon Mechanic Helps Man Fix CarRaccoon Sprinkler animated GIF

raccoon animated GIF Dog Raccoon animated GIF

raccoon animated GIF Raccoon Arium animated GIF


Anonymous said...

Hi Marina,
I've been reading your posts for a while, never commentned before. Thanks for the raccoon gifs!
And oh yes, thanks for posting about all your lovely art. Your style is like a breath of fresh air after all the clean-lined pink flowers and cream background craft blogs out there.

Subconscious Dad said...

Polymer is not the medium for tiny beads, you will drive yourself LENTILS.

Jessica Wooten said...

Yaaayy! Checking in & seeing there's a new post from you is like getting a package in the mail...& we all know what fun that is...It's Christmas! Presents full of inspiration :)

Beatnheart said...

I was one of those who gripped about no animals...should of shut up cause I do not like raccoons they give me the creeps...we have lots here in my neighborhood and they are like gansta thugs...

you r things are so beautiful...you do rule you know//
the tiny polymers??? little pictures on them??? now that is so cool...

Anonymous said...

glad you're feeling better. when no posts, worry about chya! Love your jewelry, love the gifs and look forward to seeing what you've made like no other blog.

Sue Rostron said...

I have just finished reading all through your blog. There really should be a word for this, like blalking or blog stalking. Also there should be an app for when you fall in love with a blog that orders everything chronologically. But I digress.

I love your work and your blog. Love that you too have experienced hard times with mental distress and illness and like me am damn grateful for meds that work. Take that Scientologists! I don't wish hard times on anyone but I really don't think you could create your wild, intuitive singing jewellery without that history.

So I feel bereft cos I have finished reading and that means I have to get off the sofa, shower and go find all my jewellery bits and play. It's a tough life and I'll take it.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Cynthia and Co. said...

I'm happy for a new post and for more gif's along with your inspiring works of art...like all of them but love the custom reliquary piece you did. May I ask a question about that necklace? When you wrap fiber (jute or hemp) how do you keep it in place?? Do you use adhesives? Keep up the amazing work. You always amaze.