Great Grays, Grateful Days.

Again, my love for lariats takes over. Liberosis. Buddhist Victorian tribal lariat.
Liberosis- n. the desire to care less about things
-The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows
RomAntiqueSoul asked where I got the horsehair in a comment on the last post. You know what? It was a gift from BeesonPie a couple years back now. Thank you BeesonPie!
And good for you RomAn with your month 2 at the gym! Starting's the hardest. Keeping up with it's also hard. Improving is hard. Plateauing is hard... Not doing it is hard... Breathing is hard...
Everyone You’ll Ever Meet. Rustic coin and crystal lariat with labradorite.
Everyone You’ll Ever Meet. 
“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.”
-Bill Nye

Skye commented, "So what did you make with the broken drill bits? Come on... anyone else, the beads would've broke... but Fate gifted you with bits of drill bits to play with... so PLAY WITH... just.. careful of sharp ends >.< lol"

While I'm super flattered by your faith in me... um, no. I did nothing with the broken drill bits. There was a time when just reading that comment would have been a challenge I'd have tried to rise to. I tried to make stuff out of actual found objects... that I picked up off the street. I sweated to make trash look good man. Now I work smarter not harder. Or something. Yeah, I certainly don't work harder.

Uranomancy- divination by studying the heavens

13 commented, "I must admit the listing does my head in. Some days I just want to put 'You know you want it, just make it easy on yourself and hand over the money.'"
Can we make that a thing?
Actually, I've come up with a bit of a shortcut on that. I use my ipad, y'all have smart phones surely you can use those. Go to your 'notes' app. Instead of writing, press the microphone button on the keyboard and talk away. Describe the pieces as best you can, then email it to yourself. You'll have to do some editing since some jewelry terms like "briolette" the software will put down as -this happened to me today- "Brie will let." And clean up whatever awkward phrasing, etc. It's ten times easier than writing it down. Editing and shining things up is always easier than starting from scratch, in all forms of creation. Except maybe for human reproduction.
Brave and Quiet. Cast blade choker necklace.
Brave and Quiet.
You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering.
-Ernest Hemingway
So check it out. I made this strange pendant by carving the shape out in a cuttlefish bone and pouring in molten pewter.
Here are some more attempts. Kind of a fiasco but I'm still trying.
Also here and in the final piece below, I'm doing a sorta different style of link. More space between beads so it's less busy and I don't have to add chain or cord to make it less busy, as much. Or something.
How long is Forever. Rustic gray Buddhist lariat.
How Long is Forever.
Alice: How long is forever?
White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.
-Lewis Carol

I made some bar chain you can see in a couple of these. Doing a lot of religions-mixing. Can't resit. Also can't stop obsessing over gray. Grey is so subtle, so lovely, so sensitive to the tiniest changes in hue or gradient. I can't get over how much I love it. It's quiet, minimalist, gives nothing away. It can be young or ancient, refined or rustic... It has all the intrigue of a soft-spoken stranger as you begin to realize they're infinitely brilliant. Leaves you wanting more.
Untold Story. Baltic amber and rustic bell lariat.
Untold Story.
There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
-Maya Angelou

Margaret Zipkin wrote, "Seeing that you have a new blog post always makes my day too."
I tend not to answer comments like these cuz it's not a question but you don't know how lovely that is to read.
Juliette Williams wrote, "As for the gifs, they all make me laugh so it doesn't matter if you've posted them over or not".
*bounces up and down in chair*
Beatnheart wrote, "You're a marvel PMS and all."
*gets teary-eyed*
Julie Wong Sontag wrote, "I always do a little leap when I see a new post of yours".
*does a little leap*
Kirsten Jakobsen wrote, "Once again I am amazed at your skill at getting great ideas".
YAAAYY!!! I love to think of new ways to bring little things together. It might be the single thing in the world I'm better at than anyone else. In all other ways I'm such a hot mess, but I guess you only need the one thing. Then when your inspiration runs out you can feel like a total looser again, it's fun.

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Juliette Williams said...

LOVE the pendant with Ganesh on. LOVE.

I can't stop watching the puppies. When the one falls over the top I keep thinking he's saying 'I'm so HAPPY!'

True story - I went on safari once and while in a touring 'jeep' thing, an ostrich kept running after me. It wasn't running after anyone else, just me - and then I realized that I had fringe on my shirt and it was flapping around. He ran after us for a mile trying to eat my shirt.

Beatnheart said...

is that little bunny in a little office?
the donkey and the orange kitten" i could watch forever...

beautiful new work....i should hate you but I don't...i'll love you forever
you are the best...

Sharon Driscoll said...

Hey Kid! - Soon to be senior citizen here. Sorry I haven't been around much. Instead of cuttlebone you can pour plaster into those old school milk cartons, let it dry - really good - and then carve your design into it with foredom tools and wax carving tools. Use that to pour your pewter into to. Works great and you can do several castings before the form goes bad.

Anonymous said...

Yep - pretty much the best at assembling things that otherwise might be abandoned!
Buuuut - I am sure you have other talents too, Marina! :-D